5 Ways To Prevent Sinus Infections

Sinus Infections

A cold that develops and lingers on even when weather is not of cold is probably inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages, referred as sinus infections. Sinus infections occur when sinuses are blocked, trapping bacteria or viruses in the pool of mucus within the nose. These germs grow endlessly, causing inflammation and infection that results in facial pain, headache and mucus build up.

This in turn leads to influx of white blood cells to fight off infection and develops congestion. It could also lead to loss of taste or smell, ear fullness and fever. Amongst all the major causes of blocked sinuses, swelling is mostly generated by the common cold. More severe sinus infections can even result from nasal polyps or deviated septum.

5 Important Ways To Prevent Sinus Infections

Build Up A Healthy Immune System

Healthy immune system is well equipped to fight off sinus infections. Strengthen the immunity by eating added portions of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables (chose the dark color ones), have adequate sleep hours, manage stress more efficiently and perform exercises on regular basis. In addition, incorporate a healthy diet to fulfill nutritional demands of the body.

fruits and vegetables

Remain Hydrated

Mucous membranes lining nose and sinuses work as the first defense against germs. These mucous membranes must remain hydrated to work efficiently. Dried out mucosal membranes becomes the breeding ground for various germs that can further spread to other regions of respiratory system.

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water provides enough hydration to such mucosal passages. Drink minimum of 8 glasses of water and drink more during days of exercising or strenuous physical activities. Water aids in keeping the mucus loose and thin, and prevents clogging of nasal passages.

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Avoid Being Sick

Safeguard yourself from any upper respiratory infections that inflame the sinus membranes, making them prone to sinus infections. Get vaccinated for seasonal flu and keep away from people infected with such infections.

Avoid Being Sick

Perform hand wash more diligently and more so when out in public gatherings. Keep hand sanitizers with you to disinfect the hands, in absence of soap and water requirements.

Shield Yourself From Allergens

Many sinus infections are caused by allergic reactions that inflame the sinus tissues. Avoid all allergens like dust, molds, pollens or cats fur that trigger allergic reactions in you.

On high pollen days, avoid being out for long when mold levels are high. In case allergens cannot be avoided, consult doctor for allergic medications to lower the reaction. Make use of plain saline solution to wash off allergens from the sinuses.

Maintain Humidity Levels

During winter, houses tend to become dry that can cause dryness of sinus membranes. Make use of humidifiers to maintain humidity levels between 25 to 40% in the house.


Alternatively, leave bowls of water or steams for showers to add humidity to the room, when the levels go down below the range. Open the windows to allow fresh air to enter and replace the dry stale air trapped inside the room.

In addition to above preventive measures, keep the head elevated to avoid mucus pooling and wash the nasal passages on daily basis with help of a squeeze bottle or pot, for running water directly into the passages. This aids in clearing off the excess mucus and moistens the mucosal membranes of the nose.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.