Top Ten Tips Of Fitness For Seniors

Physical fitness is very important in old age. It makes you less dependent on others for performing your day to day activities; a healthy and fit person feels more confident and self assured. Maintaining physical fitness in old age requires careful planning and you need to follow a fitness regime according to your age and physical condition.

Top Ten Tips Of Fitness For Seniors

Maintain A Regular Fitness Schedule

A regular fitness schedule should be followed by seniors in order to enjoy a long and healthy life. Regularity enables to strengthen your immune system, resistance power and it builds stamina and endurance. You should start slowly, if you are a beginner and gradually increase your exercise schedule.

Consult Your Doctor Before Starting Exercise

Consult your doctor before embarking on any kind of fitness plan especially if you suffer from any kind of ailment related to high blood pressure, heart, respiratory disorder or diabetes. Your doctor or a fitness trainer will be able to guide you about an exercise regime that is suitable for you.


Walking is the safest and most effective exercise for seniors to keep fit. It is the best form of aerobic activity for elderly people. Walking helps to build stamina, tone leg muscles and it strengthens the spine.

Top Ten Tips Of Fitness For Seniors

You can walk at your own pace and gradually increase the speed. You should start walking for 5- 10 minutes and increase the duration to 25-30 minutes every day.


Cycling on a stationery cycle or a bicycle helps to maintain a good heart. Cycling outdoors is a very refreshing activity. It keeps you active and agile. Cycling is good for increasing your endurance power. If you are unable to go outdoors then you can do it on a stationery cycle in the comfort of your home.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises help to increase the range of motion in seniors by removing joint stiffness. These exercises improves flexibility of muscles, thus they help you to maintain a better body balance. Stretching exercises should be done prior to and after doing other exercises to warm up and cool off the body respectively.


Yoga is the best suited fitness programme for seniors who are unable to perform rigorous exercises. Yoga is useful in treating various types of ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and joint pains etc. and it also helps in proper functioning of vital organs. Different types of yoga asanas are performed for overall fitness.

Best Tips For Senior Fitness


Mental fitness is as important in seniors as physical fitness. This can be effectively achieved by practicing meditation. Seniors should spend some time for meditation every day to maintain their mental peace and harmony. Meditation is a useful tool to prevent dementia and memory loss, which is a common problem with aged persons.

Proper Diet

Senior persons should maintain a proper diet to remain fit and healthy. They should avoid rich foods and opt for low fat diet. Instead of eating two or three large meals, senior persons should eat smaller meals at regular intervals for easy digestion.

Regular Medical Check Up

Regular medical checkup is necessary for senior persons to maintain a record of their blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. It will help them to follow a proper exercise regime for complete fitness.

Laugh A Lot

Laughter is the best medicine. Seniors need to remain happy in order to maintain fitness. They should join a laughter club. Laughing stimulates blood circulation, it wards off depression and it is a good cardio workout.

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