Various Ways To Avoid Depression

Depression is a deadly disease which is increasing at an alarming rate. Today, even the younger generation is suffering from mild to severe depression. Factors that are responsible for people feeling depressed can be many, such as peer pressure, old age, loss of a dear one or unemployment etc.

 Various Ways To Avoid Depression

There are various ways and techniques to avoid depression. You have to be aware of signs and symptoms of depression. Identifying the symptoms of depression in its early stages can help to deal with the problem effectively.

Various Ways To Avoid Depression

Reduce Stress

Stress affects your mental as well as physical health. In today’s times stress is the major issue among people of all age groups. Stress is one of the main causes for depression.

It makes you emotionally weak and it affects the nervous system causing other health problems. You should try to lead a stress free life and learn to manage stress by following various techniques like meditation, massage and talk therapy etc.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is one the best ways to avoid depression. Physical well being is important to maintain mental health. You must follow a regular exercise regime of your choice.

How To Prevent Depression

Add variety to your fitness programme by choosing different types of exercises like aerobics, yoga, swimming, Pilates etc. to break the monotony. It will also give you multiple benefits.

Be With Friends

Isolation causes depression, you should avoid being alone if you suffer from low moods. Make friends with like minded people and spend time with them. Organize picnics and excursion with your friends, it brings you closer to nature and it helps to uplift mood.

Keep A Positive Attitude

Keep a positive attitude to avoid depression. Try to look at the brighter side of things. Maintain faith in God and perform your tasks with dedication. Meditation helps to remove negative thoughts, spare 5-10 minutes every day to sit in meditation to avoid depression.

Eat A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is as important as exercise to avoid depression. Avoid excess fat, caffeinated drinks and too much alcohol and smoking.

avoid depresssion

Eat fresh and green vegetables, sprouted lentils and legumes and low fat milk, curd and cottage cheese in your daily diet.

Help Others

Involve yourself in community service to avoid depression. Helping others will boost your morale and it imparts a sense of fulfillment. You can join a NGO and do volunteer service or join red cross society or any other social service organization to serve others.

Confide In People You Trust

Whenever you feel low, do not feel shy of confiding your feeling with your trusted friends or family. Do not bottle up your emotions as it can cause depression. By talking to the people you trust, you may find a solution to your problems.

Get Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for body and mind. Your body gets time to recover and recharge as you sleep. You should get 6-8 hours of peaceful sleep to avoid depression. Avoid late night parties. Regular hours of sleep help to prevent depression and it regulates mood.

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