Benefits of Running For Women Over 40

Benefits of Running For Women Over 40Most of the women are very busy either with their professional work or household chores and they hardly get any time to exercise.

As a result, by the time they reach their 40s or 50s, they gain a lot of weight which makes it difficult for them to walk properly and they may gasp if they walk for some time. Hence, regular exercise is a must for healthy life especially as you get older. Running is an aerobic activity that makes a woman healthier, stronger and fitter.

Women over 40 years should do either vigorous intensive cardiac exercise for 75 minutes or 150 minutes of moderately intensive activities per week. In addition, the women also require two days of strength training per week to tone the major muscle groups and to build bone density.

Benefits Of Running For Women Over 40

How to Start Running

The first week of your running program should have both walking as well as jogging which should be done alternatively. You need to jog for two minutes followed by one minute of walking and this pattern should be continued for two weeks. By third week you can slowly increase the jogging time and reduce the walking time.By ninth week, you will be comfortable to jog continuously for thirty minutes.

Benefits of Running

Thereafter, you can slowly increase the speed of jogging and finally run at a speed that is comfortable to you. But, care should be taken to warm-up the body with a brisk walk for five to ten minutes, as it helps to warm the muscles and help the heart to pump sufficient blood before you start to run. Similarly, after finishing the running, walk for another five or ten minutes, which helps to bring down the heart rate and avoid the dizziness that may occur after abrupt stopping.

Benefits of Running

Running helps to prevent many diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart diseases, respiratory diseases etc. Thirty minutes of running for five days a week helps to lower the bad cholesterol level in the body. Reduced level of cholesterol avoids cardiovascular problems and stroke. Running is also beneficial for controlling the sugar levels in blood, hence is ideal for diabetic patients. Running triggers the brain chemicals that help to keep the person happy and relaxed. Hence, running helps to fight depression to a great extent.

As women are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis developing the bone mass is critical to avoid the incidence of osteoporosis. Apart from burning the calories and reducing weight, running helps to toughen and maintain the bone mass. Further, running builds up the muscle and helps to provide shape to the muscles. Running also helps to improve the energy levels and stamina of the women and thus help them to complete their daily activities without getting tired. Moreover, running slow down the aging process and makes you feel younger.

Before initiating the running exercise program, it is advisable to have a checkup, as the doctor can help you to find out whether you are fit for running. If you are suffering from disease such as osteoporosis or knee problem, running may exert more pressure on your bones and will increase the chances of having fractures or wear and tear.

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