Top Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil for Dry Skin

Vitamin E OilSummers or winters, people with dry skin troubles have a hard time managing and treating their skin. Summers tend to dehydrate and dry their skin, while winters ooze out the moisture from skin making it dry. More annoying are the winters, advent of which starts problems like dry knuckles, chapped lips and cold sores.

Vitamin E oil can cure dry skin conditions, even the extreme ones like Psoriasis, by moisturizing dry skin effectively. Let us see how vitamin E oil helps to kick off dry skin arising due to different factors.

Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil for Dry Skin

Fights Off Free Radicals And Its Damaging Effects

Vitamin E oils are hydrating in nature that can help regulate skin moisture and retain its natural smoothness. If your dry skin is the result of external agents like pollutants and ultraviolet radiations, then Vitamin E puts up a great fight as an anti-oxidant.

Radicals And Its Damaging Effects

These irritants give rise to free radicals in body that adds to the damages in body like drying up moisture from the skin. Vitamin E gives a protective layer to the skin to put off the damages.

Regulates Vitamin A

Vitamin A has an important function to maintain the health of skin by keeping it soft and radiant. Oils rich in Vitamin E protect vitamin A from destruction by destructive oxygen radicals. Vitamin E regulates the levels of vitamin A in body and allows a better absorption of A vitamin from the food. Vitamin E thus maintains the smoothness and moisture in skin by helping vitamin A function well inside our system.

Fights Aging Related Dryness

We all know about the important part that vitamin E plays in protecting skin from aging process. Most of our anti-aging products claim their efficiency by virtue of this vitamin in it. Drying is one of the earliest signs of skin aging and vitamin E oil treats all the signs productively and hence treats dryness as well.

Dryness skin

Orally taking Vitamin E (if a capsule is split open, you will find it filled with oil) also helps heal dryness faster. Anti-oxidants in this vitamin neutralize the oxidant effect that damages collagen and cause dryness and cellular damage.

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Cures Sunburn and Dryness

Sun Burns also cause dryness in skin and Vitamin E oil is a great sun protect. Vitamin E compounds ensure protection against sun’s ultraviolet rays and helps skin to fight off harmful effects of sun.

Cures Sunburn

UV rays produce free radicals that steal electrons from healthier molecules in body, and Vitamin E gives away electrons to free radicals and save our body’s healthy molecules.

Treats Trans-Epidermal Moisture Loss

Vitamin E oil is also very effective in the treatment of trans-epidermal water loss or ‘insensible water loss ‘in human skin. Water loss is a major cause leading to dry skin. The oil protects water and moisture required to maintain skin’s elasticity and look.

Moisture Loss

Vitamin E is easily absorbed by epidermis to protect hydration process in epidermis. Thus vitamin E oil has strong water retention ability and allows deep absorption as well that will help reduce dryness and flakiness in skin.

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