Best Cardio Workouts For Beginners

cardio workoutsCardio exercises are those which raise your heart rate. Our bodies are made to move and it is very important that our muscles are active, healthy and moving to ensure a healthy body. The heart is a muscle as well and a stronger heart muscle means that more oxygen is pumped to your body which balances your body functioning and gives you an overall healthy and fit body.

So cardio exercises will strengthen your muscles thereby keeping your body fit. You do not have to start with power exercises from the very first day. The idea is “Slow and steady”. Start with relatively easy and lighter exercises and gradually advance to more complex ones. Some of the cardio workout exercises for beginners are discussed here:

Cardio Workouts For Beginners

Jogging At One Place

This exercise is the easiest of all; all you have to do is slowly and lightly walk in a place with your arms in a jumping jack like motion. Continue this for about two weeks to have a low impact.


But you would need to progress to have a greater impact so gradually advance to jogging, marching, full-fledged jumping, and try to increase the arm movement and speed as well. This is also referred to as spot jogging or spot running.

Punches And Squats Standing Static

A very easy cardio exercise appropriate for beginners. Start with a very slow and shallow squat and throw punches. Hold the squat only for a few seconds and then come up and continue only with punches.

standing static

To progress to a more advanced form, you can squat lower and hold the squat for a longer time. Also, you can hold dumbbells while throwing the punches. But you cannot increase the speed of punches if you use extra weight.

Windmill Motion

This is also very easy cardio exercise for beginners. You have to allow your free leg come just behind you with a tap and along with that, add a large arm swing in the shape of circle. Continue this for a few weeks and then you can advance to a harder version of this.

Windmill Motion

Gradually you can form a squat position by letting your hips drop lower to the ground. You can also increase the speed and the step width and also replace the step with a lateral jump.

Curls And Lunge At One Position

Keep your feet close together and start with a trivial lunge. While you lunge, use very light weight dumbbells or keep it only arm weight to do bicep curls. Please do not put in speed while you do the curls initially that can be stressful.

Curls And Lunge exercise

If you want to progress to the harder stage, lunge deeper with your feet keeping them apart and rise the weight you use to do the bicep curls but do not increase the intensity of the curls.

Triceps And Lunge At One Position

Extend a leg to the rear keeping it straight and keep the other leg in the front in a bent position. Start with a low rising lunge followed by triceps curls with little weight in your hands. It is better if you do not keep any weights. This will enhance your triceps.

If you want to progress to the advanced version, increase the depth of lunge, distance between your feet and amount of weight in your hands. Do not increase the speed of curls. These basic cardio exercises for beginners will help you keep your body fit via a healthy cardiovascular system.

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