Top 5 Vitamins For Healthy Gums

Vitamins For Healthy GumsIt is very important for people to maintain the health of the gums because any kind of infections caused to the gums can lead to inflammation and the destruction of various tissues that support the health of the teeth. There are several gum diseases with symptoms, like loosening of the teeth, pain and infection.

These can prove to be very hazardous if they are not taken care of in their early stages. There are a lot of vitamins for healthy gums that should be taken on a regular basis in order to ensure the health of the gums and also to keep the gums in good condition.

All these vitamins have a specific role to play in treating gum diseases or even in keeping the gums healthy because unhealthy gums can also lead to springing up of different issues of the body through the blood stream. The vitamins to be taken on a regular basis in order to ensure the health of the gums are as follows:

Vitamins For Healthy Gums

Vitamin C

Gum troubles usually take place in individual that suffer from vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is considered to be the best among all Vitamins for Healthy Gums because it maintains the health as well as the integrity of the gums.

vitamin c


Citrus fruits, dark green and leafy vegetables, fresh herbs and strawberries should be taken in good quantity in order to keep the gums in good condition.

Vitamin D

There are a lot of bacteria that can stick to the gums and can be avoided from causing any kind of inflammation of the gums or unhealthy gums by the intake of vitamin D rich foods.

Vitamin D


People, who are into the habit of taking food rich in vitamin D are said to have no problems of the gums at all. Fish, oysters, beans and eggs can be taken in definite quantities in order to maintain the health of the gums.

Vitamin A

Gums indulge in the production of keratin that helps the gums in fighting any kind of wounds and infections. This keratin is made by the gums with the help of vitamin A.

vitamin A


Bacterial infection scan cause a lot of irritation in the gums that can be avoided by the intake of vitamin A. The cells of the gums can also be protected and allowed to grow by the intake of vitamin A rich foods like mango, broccoli, collards, pumpkin, squash and carrots.

Vitamin E

There are many natural therapists that also consider vitamin E as one of the vitamins for healthy gums. The reason behind this is that vitamin E is said to counteract with the effect of mercury amalgams, which decreases the risk of any kind of gum diseases.

Vitamin E


There are various foods that can be taken in order to increase the level of vitamin E for healthy gums. These foods include corn, soybean and canola oil that can be used in cooking.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K can also help in restoring the health of the gums by fighting the bacteria that leads to unhealthy gums. Foods, like leafy vegetables, cereals and soybeans have good contents of vitamin K that can help in restoring the health of the gums.

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