Top Vitamin E Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin EThere are many vitamins and other nutrients that we need to have a healthy life style. These nutrients help us in maintaining or body and immune system well. Of these vitamins play a major role in controlling the elasticity of the skin, eye care, hair fall control and many other functions.

There are many vitamins available in nature. Of these vitamins, vitamin E is necessary not only for having a glowing skin and hair but for internal functions too. In this article we will discuss the various deficiency symptoms that will help in identifying if you suffer from vitamin E deficiency.

Deficiency Symptoms In Infants

Loss of Weight

Do you feel that your infant has not been growing at its regular pace? Or do you observe a loss in his or her weight? If yes your baby could be suffering from a deficiency of vitamin E.

Poor Eating Habits

Poor Eating Habits

If you see that your new born baby refuses to eat properly or cries out while eating there are chances that the baby could be having a vitamin E deficiency. You need to check this fast because prolonged eating disorder can lead to severe anemia and weight loss.

Stunted Problems

If the above two symptoms are seen in your child, there are high chances of stunted growth. The limbs of the child will not develop fully. There could be mental retardation also.

Deficiency Symptoms In Children

Muscle Weakness

When your child suffers from vitamin E deficiency you will observe that he or she will face difficulty in moving his/her muscles. There will be difficulty in muscle co-ordination. This is accompanied by retarded development of the body.

Severe Form Of Liver Diseases

There could liver diseases also. If vitamin E deficiency is left unchecked here, it could be fatal in some cases.

Vision Problems

Vision Problems

Vitamins are needed to develop the eyesight. In case of vitamin E deficiency you will observe that your child will face poor vision. There will be retinal thinning followed by blurred vision. The child could also suffer from Ptosis or drooping upper eyelid symptom.

Truncal And Limb Ataxia

This is a neurological disorder due to vitamin E deficiency. The symptoms manifest themselves in the form of uneven gait, swaying of the trunk etc.

Deficiency Symptoms In Adults

Anemia- Anemia is the most prominent symptom of vitamin E deficiency. This could happen to any age group, adults mostly. A person suffering from anemia has a reduced level of red blood cells that produces haemoglobin. Oxygen is carried through the blood so a person has a reduced count of RBCs, generally lacks in oxygen supply leading to many complications.

Dry hair or Loss Of Hair

Dry Hair

This is a common symptom due to vitamin E deficiency. Your hair will feel dry and rough that will eventually fall off.


Infertility has also been liked with vitamin E deficiency. This could lead to low sperm count in men. Also females lacking in vitamin E could face problems in ovulation.

Other Abnormalities

Apart from these symptoms, adults can also face problems in their liver, brain, bone marrow due to a deficiency of vitamin E. It could also lead to neurological damage.

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