Top 16 Surprising Health Benefits Of Butter

Health Benefits Of Butter

Butter a true means of delight to your taste buds. Butter is made from churning milk and cream and then allowed to set in cool temperature. Many of us stay away from this fat containing foodstuff. Isn’t it? Do you know some fats are healthy? Raised HDL cholesterol is also good? Do you feel perturbed with the thought? Relax, and read further many myths are going to break in few lines. Butter is not a fat enhancing food if taken in moderation.

Some Hidden Facts About Butter Are Been Shown Below:-

Contains Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are the one which ample of good cholesterol i.e. HDL and lowers bad cholesterol. Hence it takes care of your heart and prevents stroke. Additionally it is one among the necessary ingredient for brain development and right functioning of nervous system. It further contributes towards weight loss.


Contains Calcium

[Ca], being the prime food for bones and teeth of human body, and bones being the basic structure of body is very significant to take care of. Calcium strengthens the bones and is very necessary for infants. Infact kids who dont prefer drinking milk can add butter in their diet to compensate the calcium deficiency.

prime food for bones

Vitamin Powerhouse

It contains vitamin –A, vitamin – D, vitamin – K in adequate amount which are among the anti – cavity vitamins that can even revert the tooth decay. They are also responsible for improving ones eyesight, maintaining glow on skin, cares for teeth and also contributes towards gene transcription.

maintaining glow on skin

Mineral Store

Necessary minerals are found in butter such as zinc, copper and manganese that are among the powerful antioxidants. Butter’s health content can be compared to any known healthy food. Iodine is also said to be present inside it.

Mineral store

Have Fatty Acids

One must consume fatty acids to support metabolism and further to boost your immune system. Butter is said to own short and medium chains of fatty acids.

boost your immune system

Contains CLA

CLA is known for its property of reducing fat mass in humans. This fatty acid is found in dairy products of those mammals that prefer to eat plant related diet. Its main function is to ferment the food for an appreciable digestion.
CLA is said to fight cancer, including reduction of tumour in colorectal cancer. It further fights to breast cancer.

reduction of tumour

Contains Butyrate

Butter is said to hold around 3 – 4 percent of butyrate, which is originally a four carbon fatty acid. Butyrate commands over the release of pro – inflammatory messages within the body, which in – turn restricts the immune system of the body to attack healthy bacteria present in the stomach. Sodium butyrate is directly linked to an appreciable response to insulin especially for the patients of diabetes.


Contains Omega – 3 and Omega – 6 fats

Butter is said to hold a perfect balance of both the omega fats which are necessary for brain functioning and skin related issues.

brain functioning

Holds Good Cholesterol

Butter contains a perfect level of good cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important ingredient for maintaining a healthy cellular function. It also plays an important role in certain aortas of the brain including in development of nervous system.

nervous system

Source Of Wulzen Factor

Wulzen factor is a hormone like substrate with multi – functions including prevention of arthritis as well as in prevention of stiffness in joints. Wulzen factor present in raw butter and cream ensures that the calcium gets deposit over the bones, and prevents its deposit over the joints.

prevention of stiffness in joints

Anti Cancer Properties

With exact levels of beta carotene and vitamin A chances of having colorectal and prostate cancer have been nullified. Further researches show that vitamin A is anti towards breast cancer.

breast cancer

Maintains Thyroid Health

Mostly thyroid related diseases are due to deficiency of vitamin – A. Butter maintains the proper secretion of hormones, thus preventing thyroid diseases. Moderate amount of butter must be consumed to prevent such diseases.

Maintains Thyroid Health

Boosts Eyesight

The contents of butter are proven to be a booster to your eyesight. The contents present in addition to increasing eye health, supports towards cell growth, thus preventing a large number of eye related diseases.

Boosts Eyesight

Supports Intestinal Conditions

Butter is said to have glycospingolipids, a type of fatty acid that reduces the chances of gastrointestinal related issues. Thus butter is good for stomach as well as digestive system.

good for stomach

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Organic Butter contains good cholesterol as well as Omega 3, 6 fatty acids including HDL that are a boost to health of your heart.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Improves Sexual Health

Studies prove that most of the fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D present in the butter can even boost your sexual performance.

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