13 Surprisingly High Sodium Foods Which Must Be Avoided

High Sodium Foods

Salt is important for human body and it is of prime importance for making food tasty.But salt or sodium chloride if consumed in excess is hazardous to health and can be a triggering factor for several diseases like blood pressure to cardio vascular diseases;in fact high sodium diet should always be avoided. One might feel that simply cutting down the salt that is added to food while cooking cannot be sufficient to keep the sodium levels under control. But unfortunately that is not sufficient because there are several processed foods which we consume almost daily which are high in sodium content.

Listed Below Are Some Such High Sodium Foods:

1. Baked Goodies:

We love cookies and cakes and feel that they have excess sugar but in reality they are not just loaded with sugar they have high sodium content as well. Sodium is mainly added to baked products as an additive in excess amounts. Even bread contains excess salt. It is therefore better to switch to more healthy options like may be home made whole wheat chapatti.

Baked Goodies

2. Sauces:

We like to add a variety of sauces to our cooking or simply as toppings thinking that they are hot health hazard. There are a variety of sauces that we use daily right from our tomato sauce to soy sauce or barbeque sauce but these too contain high percentage of sodium. Avoid them as much as possible .Look out for home made options like you can puree two tomatoes and add pepper and low sodium salt in measured amounts and use it on your veggies.


3. Canned Vegetables And Fruits:

We are increasingly becoming fond of canned vegetables, meat and fruits. It can be tinned olives that we relish or canned fruits juices .Stay away from them as they are very high in sodium. Instead opt for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.

Canned Vegetables And Fruits

4. Instant Soups:

Instant soups are becoming a way of life. We feel that since it is low in calories it is healthy. But the fact is it is not good for your health as it has high sodium content. If you are so fond of soups prepare it at home which will be very healthy. One such healthy soup can be vegetable soup. Simply take a mixture of your favorite veggies like carrots ,peas ,cauliflower, sweet con etc .Boil them well .Strain and take the stock .To it add freshly ground pepper, a little of salt and a dash of lemon juice. Believe me it taste amazing and is filling and healthy.

Instant Soups

5. Cereals:

Due to hectic work schedules early morning breakfast with cereals is very popular as it quick easy and believed to be healthy .But these packed cereals are very high on sodium content .It is much better to avoid them .You can instead have oats or a plain glass of milk is a much healthier option.


6. Salted Nuts:

We all like to munch on nut especially the roasted ones and the salted ones are a big hit. But the salt content is so high that it is best avoided. Always go for the plain variety of nuts.

Salted Nuts

7. Pickles:

For most of us pickle is a must with our daily meal. But it is not at all safe .It is oily and laden with salt. Pickles should be avoided if you wish to have a healthy life.


8. Burgers:

Tasty quick meal for most of us is burger. But the combination of patties with bun and spices and sauces makes it a warehouse of sodium. It is better to switch to homemade food or much on to salads and fruits.


9. Blended Coffee:

Your favorite coffee with friends at your favorite coffee joint is a good weekend idea but the blended coffee at most of the elite joints has plenty of sodium so be ware before you order for your favorite coffee.

Blended coffee

10. Processed Cheese And Butter:

Milk products are good as they have calcium. But the yummy cheese and butter available in the market has added salt in large quantities. You can use homemade cheese or clarified butter that is ghee as a healthy option.

Processed Cheese and butter

11. Processes Meat Products:

It can be sausages or salmi or hot dogs; processed meat products are bound to have high amount of salt. Therefore always opt for fresh meat instead of the processed varieties.

Processes Meat Products

12. Sandwiches And Pizzas:

These may be your favorite but are definitely not the best food option. They are loaded with calories and salt .Try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Sandwiches and pizzas

13. Chips:

Last but not the least chips are one of the most common culprits. Snack on healthier options like unsalted pop corn or sunflower seeds.


So next time you want to cut down on the sodium intake then do consider this list before you make your choices.

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