Top 12 Nutrient Dense Foods You Need To Know

Nutrient Dense Foods

We have many foods that are rich in all kinds of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. To stay healthy, you need to include a mix of several kinds of nutrient dense foods which are fewer in calories as well. You might be a vegan, gluten-free dieter, a Paleo dieter, or a flexitarian, but you can benefit from having these nutrient-rich foods. Including these foods in your daily routine will make you feel energetic and aid in healthy functioning of your body. Hence, you need to add fuel to your body by including nutrient-dense foods.

Here Are Top 12 Nutrient Dense Foods You Need To Know:


This is an excellent plant based nutrient-rich food that is fewer in calories. It has lesser amounts of fat and cholesterol as well. This green veggie is a powerhouse of nutrients and is considered one such nutrient dense food that is mostly included in salads. It is rich in vitamin A, K, C, and E, folate, iron, potassium, phosphorus and the list is endless. With all these nutrients and flavonoids in spinach, it is considered a nutrient-rich food that aids in healthy functioning of the brain.



Kale is an amazing source of nutrients. It contains good amounts of vitamin C, K, A, good dosage of B6, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, and fiber. It contains bioactive components that help in fighting cancer as well.



When it is about nutritional value in fruits, blueberries are one among the top nutritious fruits. They are loaded with a bunch of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, anthocyanin, phytochemicals etc. good for your brain and heart.


Brussels Sprouts:

This superfood is loaded with all kinds of essential nutrients good for your overall health. Steamed Brussels sprouts when consumed regularly helped in declining LDL cholesterol, thanks to its high fiber and its ability to bind with the acids in the bile. This superfood helped in enhancing the DNA ability inside the WBC when consumed regularly, says nutrition experts.

Brussels Sprouts


Sardine is a kind of an oily fish loaded with omega 3s that are considered healthy for the heart. Sardines are usually eaten whole as it contains a little bit of every essential nutrient.



Broccoli is a nutrient-rich cruciferous veggie having all the vital vitamins required every day. It consists of riboflavin, iron, calcium, thiamin, vitamin E, B6 etc. This superfood is packed with B6, fiber and good amounts of vitamin K, A, and C. This nutrient-rich food is also a combination of selenium, folate, and manganese as well.

Broccoli (2)


It is one such nutrient dense food packed with adequate amounts of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. All these nutrients play a vital role in improving the immune levels of the body, preventing some forms of cancer, lowering cholesterol etc.

Kiwi Fruit


Seaweed is a plant species that is absolutely nutritious and is found in the ocean. They are rich in iron, calcium, manganese etc. and is considered as a superfood that is highly nutritious than several minerals and nutrients found in plants from the land. It is rich in iodine, an essential mineral useful in making thyroid hormones. It also contains bioactive components and is an abundant source of antioxidants as well.


Dark Chocolate:

It contains around 75% of cocoa and hence dark chocolate is considered one such nutritious food which can be taken in moderate quantities every day. It is loaded with antioxidants and is one such food that has higher levels of antioxidants when compared to acai berry and blueberries. It contains manganese, fiber, copper, and iron as well. It has several health benefits which include: improvement in blood pressure, healthy brain functioning, lowered cholesterol levels etc. Including a small quantity of dark chocolate every day will act as a supplement for antioxidants, in case you miss them.

Dark Chocolate


Watercress is rich in vitamin A, C, K and also contains isothiocyanates as well as gluconasturtiin. Both these phytonutrients play a vital role in strengthening bones, preventing the deficiency of iron, protecting from infections etc. Few studies have mentioned that watercress helped in reducing DNA damage caused by harmful free radicals.



Tastes like a nut, quinoa is a superfood that can be used as a healthy alternative for pasta and several other dishes. It is an abundant source of essential fatty acids, protein, manganese, iron etc. It is free from gluten as well.


Bok Choy:

This is a superfood that has cancer-fighting properties as well. Chinese considered Bok Choy as a superfood to treat cancer. It is highly nutritious and has numerous benefits good for health. It is loaded with vitamin B6 and a good dose of potassium as well.

Bok Choy

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