6 Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes And Fleas

Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes And Fleas

Mosquitoes are the most dangers there are lot of the species of the mosquitoes in the world in which only female mosquito bites and there are fleas also which bites is so painful and now a days they are like enemies , there are so many of the diseases are now a days effecting people directly and indirectly, some times it can cause to the death also in around there are lots of the cases in which many people dies with the mosquito bites and fleas bite , fleas has acid in their bites which can cause serious damage to the skin, in the market there are number of the products which claims that as the mosquito repellent , but they are caring harmful chemical which can also cause danger to the body, now here are the some of the home and  herbal remedy for the mosquito and the fleas repellent.

Here Are The 6 Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes And Fleas

1- Lemon Herb

Lemon is always most essential medicine and it is also so important for the repel of the bug and the mosquito, lemon contain a substance which is known as the citronellal which has the smell of the lemon and the fragrance of this lemon when go in the atmosphere will make a resistance to almost all the bug and the mosquito of that area, use a plant of lemon balm and put it in your bed room or any place its fragrance will never allow any bug and the mosquito, you just crush it leaves and apply its liquid to the skin, this is most effective for the bug and fleas because fleas don’t like lemony smell.

lemon herb

2- Citronella

This is the essence of the lemon tree the fragrance that is used by almost all of the companies , it is little bit awkward to use this plant because it is a grass like plant which has a height of almost 6 feet , which is not good but there are so many of the varieties of this like cybopogon , wintenerius , these all have also the lemony essence and not so long we can use them, you just crush it leaves and apply its liquid to the skin ,this is most effective for the bug and fleas.


3- Catnip

This is most useful herb for the mosquito repellent , this is  more effective than DEET this is a toxic which is used by almost all the companies, it also use for the cockroach attack in the kitchen which is really good as the cockroach is most dangerous , crush the leaves of catnip and apply it on the skin and put some leaves in the also so that cockroach will not attack.


4- Marigolds

This is also a effective tool of bug and mosquito repellent , if you want to save your crops then put some plant of marigold between the crops and this flower you can eat also make a color of it also and you can give a attractive look to  your dishes also , marigold flower if kept near the bed mosquito will never bite you.


5- Lavender

Some knows that lavender is also a bug and the mosquito repellent , it can be grow both indoor and outdoor , put a plant of the lavender near the window , the air blows the essence of the lavender to the house and all the bugs and the mosquito out from the house.


6- Peppermint

This is useful both for the fleas and mosquito repellent as well as the ointment to the bite by them crush the leaves and apply it on the bitten area you will get instant relief from the pain and itching, leaves of the peppermint and the cool essence makes all the fleas and the bugs away.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.