10 Easy Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Zit Fast

Get Rid Of A Zit Fast

A zit can be really irritating, especially when you want to get rid of them fast. Since you have a special event tomorrow, the last thing you want is these ugly zits on the face or anywhere. Zits are a red pimple like eruption that makes your clear skin look flawed. But thankfully there are some over the counter remedies, along with natural therapies that work here to get rid of them.

Go Ahead And See How Fast They Work:

1. Zinc Based Cream

Over the counter zinc based creams and lotions are available. They are basically spot correctors and applied right on the area where the zit is. So you can just apply them overnight or leave it on for at least a few hours. You will be amazed to see the zit go away like almost instantly. It suppresses the zit and makes it go away.

Zinc Based Cream

2. Toothpaste

The peppermint in the toothpaste works amazingly well in getting rid of the zit. There are also other chemicals here like fluoride that aid in fighting the zit and make it go away faster than other conventional recipes or remedies. Leave the toothpaste on the area and then let it dry naturally.


3. Steam

Steam is another simple and easy way to get rid of zits. Basically allow the steam to open the pores for you. When that happens you can take a clean towel and gently rub on the area. In most cases, the zit comes off instantly and there is no mark to worry about.


4. Garlic Juice

Another easy and quick remedy for getting rid of the zit would be garlic juice. Just take the juice of the garlic and apply on the area. Let it dry off and the antibiotic properties of the juice helps in curbing the zit along with providing instant relief and making it go away.

Honey With Baking Soda

5. Turmeric Juice

Turmeric juice too has antibiotic and healing properties like the garlic juice. You can also mix some dry turmeric with hot water and then apply on the zit. In both cases, the remedy works really quick and makes the zit go away almost instantly.

Turmeric Juice

6. Ice Pack

Use some ice on the area. The cooling properties of the ice helps in reducing the zit and makes it appear smaller. It will really not go away at one go, but the zit becomes much smaller in size and hence can be easily ignored.

Ice Pack (3)

7. Tea Tree Oil

Mix tea tree oil with some water or apply the tea tree oil on a cotton ball that has been soaked in water. Then apply the same on the zit. The healing properties of the oil makes the zit go away.

Tea Tree Oil

8. Papaya Juice

There are natural enzymes in the juice of papaya that helps to clear away zits. You can apply the same on the area and leave it for at least a few hours. Watch the results.

Papaya Juice

9. Lime

Rub a lime gently over the zit. The natural acids of the lime helps in getting rid of the zits. It also makes sure that dirt and greasiness are taken care off here.


10. Honey With Baking Soda

Mix some honey with baking soda. Apply this paste on the zit and let it dry off. The chemicals in the soda dry the zit while the honey prevents it from coming back, while getting rid of the marks.

Honey With Baking Soda

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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