Top 10 Healthy Foods For Kids

Healthy Foods For Kids

For parents, preparing or purchasing healthy foods is really easy. However, the hard part is how to make your kids eat those healthy foods. This is what irritates parents and they really worry for their kids as they are not getting enough of all the nutrients. Kids keep on pestering about having a cupcake, donuts, muffins, pizzas and all such fast food which are not at all nutritious. If this is what happens daily in your home, then you need to know about the top 10 healthy foods your kids would love to eat for sure.

Here Are Top 10 Healthy Foods For Kids:


Eggs are a package of lots of nutrients good for the health. They are rich in amino acids and proteins and should be included in your kid’s meal daily as eating an egg will promote healthy functioning of the brain. Also, protein is an essential building block for muscles, bones, and hair.

Eggs (2)


Fruits are nutritious foods that can stop your kid’s craving for junk foods. Include fruits such as apple, berries, banana, pomegranate seeds etc. as all such fruits contain a good dose of antioxidants and minerals. The colorful fruit salad loaded with all healthy foods will attract your kids and they would happily eat it without pestering you. Add lots of seasonal fruits as well in the salad.

Vitamin Rich Fruits


You need to show up your creativity in making your kids eat healthy vegetables. It is really hard for you to make your kids eat healthy green veggies which are loaded with nutrients. You need to make your kids eat such healthy foods by explaining their health benefits. Make sure you develop a habit of making your kids eat a vegetable salad daily.

Brassica Vegetables


Kids love cheese, especially when it is added on the toast. Cheese is nutritious and delicious. You can add it on a sandwich or melt it on a toast as per their demand. Better prefer using fat-free cheese.



Nuts are packed with nutrients and healthy fats. Including them in your kid’s meal is a great way to boost their energy. Prepare a nice snack by mixing all the healthy nuts, dried fruits, seeds etc. that attracts your kids.



Fish is an excellent source of protein, omega 3s etc. Being an amazing source of omega 3s, fish is considered as a superfood that is essential for the development of the brain in kids. However, it might be difficult to convince your little child to have fish. Explain them the nutritional values of fish and how it helps improve the functioning of the brain. Try different recipes with fish and find out what they would love to eat.


Peanut Butter:

Kids love for peanut butter is evident. Peanut butter is rich in magnesium, protein, fiber, and vitamins. When applied on a whole-grain bread toast, peanut butter can be a delectable snack for your kids.

Peanut butter


Kids love eating popcorn, particularly while watching TV. Air popped popcorn is considered a healthy, low-fat snack that is nutritious and palatable. It consists of whole grains and a bunch of antioxidants good for them.


Whole Grains:

Whole grain foods upon consumption break down into glucose which is essential for kids to stay active throughout the day. Whole wheat cereals, bread etc. must be included in their meal so they get all essential nutrients to start their day.

Whole grains


Yogurt contains proteins and good bacteria helpful for your kid’s growth. Add low-fat yogurt in fruit or veggie salad. Frozen yogurt tastes amazing and is a better alternative for an ice-cream.


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