Top 6 Morning Drinks That Can Make You Fat

Morning Drinks

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to start our day. It is because it gives us the energy to start off the day and boosts our body’s metabolism. Having a healthy breakfast is essential to stay healthy. However, due to lack of knowledge about nutrition or due to some unknown reasons we ignore the facts about drinks we have along with our breakfast. Many of us consume more calories from such morning drinks than from our breakfast unaware that such drinks make us fat. Here is a list of top 6 morning drinks we often have for our breakfast unaware of the fact that such drinks make us fat.

Here Are The Top 6 Morning Drinks That Can Make You Fat:

Creamy Coffee:

Plain coffee is absolutely fine to have in the morning. It has caffeine that stimulates and boosts the metabolism of the body and in fact, it aids in weight loss. However, other varieties of the coffee and the ingredients in it can wreak havoc on your body. Adding extra cream and sugar to your early morning coffee will add up more than 250 calories in just one cup. Also, flavored coffee-based drinks such as frozen coffee, iced lattes etc. have no nutritional values, but add up a lot more calories.

Creamy Coffee

Processed Juice:

Almost all of us assume that drinking a glass of juice along with our breakfast is really healthy. It is actually true, only if the juice is made directly from the fruit. Processed juice available in the markets claims to have same nutritional benefits of having the fruit, but it is not. Processed juice contains a lot of preservatives and sugar with a small dose of the actual fruit pulp. In the long run, consuming processed juice for your breakfast will make you obese.

Processed juice

Chocolate Milkshake:

Chocolate milkshake is extremely delicious and delectable. However, it is not considered as a healthy beverage to have, if you want to shed off few pounds. A chocolate milkshake or smoothie has lots of sugar and calories than a glass of milk and less nutritional content than a fruit. It is a calorie-dense food and also contains high doses of fat. Drinking a glass of chocolate milkshake daily for your breakfast will ruin your waistline.

Chocolate Milkshake

Energy Drinks:

The first thing you remember after understanding the need to avoid a cup of creamy coffee for your breakfast is a can of energy drink. However, you need to stay far away from it as well. Since, a can of energy drink contains at least 3tbsp of sugar, sucralose, and other sugar syrups that can lead to diabetes which can ruin your health apart from making you obese.

Energy drinks

High-fat Milk:

They say that milk is good for your bones as it contains calcium. People also include it in their cereal for their breakfast. However, high-fat milk contains a lot of saturated fats and can serve around 110 calories per glass. Also, drinking whole-fat milk might make you feel sluggish and is not considered good for your digestive system. Hence, replace it with low-fat or skim milk.

High-fat Milk


Soda has no nutritional value and contains lots of artificial sweeteners and calories. Soda is not considered good for your waistline as it weakens your immune system and makes you feel hungry, which can thereby lead to even more unwanted calories. So, don’t end up drinking soda, diet soda or any such beverages that weaken your calcium levels.


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