The Most Authentic Diabetic Diet Plan

DiabeticDiabetes is a medical condition characterized by an abnormally high blood sugar level, which poses health hazards to the diabetic. However, gone are the days when diabetes was a much dreaded disease, over which the patient had little control.

Advanced dietetic, medical and physical activity researches show that diabetes can be tamed by following specific diet and exercising regimes. You can request your dietitian to chalk out an effective diabetic diet plan for you, as the best results are achieved by following customized diet plans.

Best Diabetic Diet Plan

Pre- Breakfast Menu

As soon as you wake up, you will want to have something, as there is a long gap between your last meal and your wake up time. Usually, drinking a couple of glasses of water (at room temperature) is recommended to activate your organs and organ systems, and hydrate and detoxify your body. After about half an hour, you can have green tea with diabetic- compatible tea biscuits.

Green Tea

Flavonid-enriched green tea is found to manage blood glucose better in persons suffering from Type 2 diabetes. These flavonoids called galletted catechins are known to prohibit the intestinal absorption of glucose. Apart from managing blood glucose, these gallated catechins are known to prohibit the intestinal absorption of lipids, thus assisting in weight management, which is very important for persons suffering with diabetes.


The diabetic breakfast should consist of breads made of whole grain, an assortment of berries or other fruit with a low glycemic load, and a glass of double toned milk. You could also flavor your milk with some bitter cocoa powder. Eating in moderation is the key to a healthy breakfast. Whole grain breads contain dietary fibers that retard the digestive process, thereby reducing the rate of release of dietary glucose into the blood, resulting in gradual elevation of blood glucose levels.


Berries such as blueberries have been described as super foods for diabetes management by the American Diabetes Association. These allow your body to process your blood glucose efficiently and also increase insulin sensitivity, thus, aiding in efficient glucose metabolism. Double-toned milk has more of protein and less of carbs, which is beneficial for diabetes. Pure cocoa powder reduces insulin resistance and abnormal triglyceride levels in the liver, and therefore, aids diabetes management and diabetes prevention.


The lunch of a diabetic also essentially comprises fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads. You can opt for fibrous fruits and vegetables( with low GI). Salad fruits and vegetables are helpful.  Fruits of low Glycemic load (GL) such as apple and berries can be eaten slightly liberally, in comparison to dates, raisins and bananas, which have high GL. You should avoid fruit juices, as they contain a high percentage of simple sugars.

fruits and vegetables

Vegetable or chicken soup constitutes a nutritious starter. You can include a low-calorie, sugar-free dessert (optional). One good option would be to include fresh fruit salad with low-calorie sugar-free ice cream.
The key to eating healthy is to eat in moderation.

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Evening Tea

Evening time is tea time. You can have green or black tea without milk with diabetic-compatible biscuits. Green tea is recommended for type 2 diabetes.

Black Tea

This is because green tea is seen to retard the digestion of starchy substances by the salivary amylase and the pancreas, thus slowing the release of sugar into the the blood, and thereby reducing insulin resistance. Diabetic compatible biscuits are biscuits made with whole grains and containing no added sugar.


A diabetic dinner can be started with high-protein low-carb soups such as salmon soup, chicken soup or soy soup. Low-calorie,  low carbohydrate baked appetizers baked salmon fillets, baked mushrooms, and baked  cottage cheese seasoned with salt and pepper, can be tried. Brown rice can make a filling main course.

chicken soup

Unlike white rice, it is not carb rich. It is a whole grain. It is rich in dietary fiber, and is low in glycemic load (which prevents it from spiking blood glucose levels rapidly), which is very important for a diabetic diet. A cucumber salad can make a delicious side dish. Cucumber is found to have zero glycemic load, and it aid the beta cells of the pancreas in producing insulin.

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