Simple Ways To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary Tract Infection occurs when germs or bacteria enter the urinary tract or urethra and cause irritation, burning and difficulty in passing urine. In acute cases of UTI the patient may suffer from high fever and pain in lower abdomen and back.

Urinary Tract Infections

UTI can happen due to various reasons like using dirty public lavatories, staying in one position for a long time, such as people who are confined to bed or if you are travelling nonstop for a long period of time, pregnancy, urine incontinence, poor personal hygiene or due to incomplete emptying of bladder etc.

Prevention is better than cure; if you are prone to UTI then it is very important to take proper measures to prevent Urinary Tract Infection. Recurring infection can lead to bladder infection and it might even cause damage to kidneys as well.

Simple Ways to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Proper Personal Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is the chief cause of UTI. Keep yourself clean by using vaginal douches. Avoid using scented douches as it can cause irritation in urethra that may cause infection. Wash yourself whenever you have been outdoors or if you have used a public lavatory.

Avoid using public lavatories where they have western commodes, as they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause Urinary Tract Infection. You should wipe or wash from front to back as the bacteria can travel from anus to vagina. Wash your private areas, with warm water, before and after intercourse to prevent Urinary Tract Infection.

vaginal douches

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Drink plenty of water and juices, especially in summers, to keep the urinary tract clean.

Fluids help to flush out bacteria from urethra and thus it prevents Urinary Tract Infection. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. Avoid drinking chilled water, drink water at room temperature for it to pass easily through the tract.

Drink Water

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Reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee as they cause bladder irritation which may result in UTI.

Do Not Hold Urine

You should not resist the urge to urinate to prevent UTI. Holding urine for a long period of time causes bacteria to travel upwards. Women are more inclined to holding urine, especially when they are travelling by road and have to wait till they find a suitable place to relieve themselves. Many times women avoid going to the loo, when they are engrossed in some activity or a task and they wait till it is complete.

Hold Urine

Use Cotton Underwear

Always use cotton under garments to prevent Urinary Tract Infection. Nylon or polyester yarn does not absorb moisture and it gives bacteria a chance to grow. Cotton does not hold moisture and it gives space for air, thus helps to prevent UTI. If you are using synthetic underwear occasionally then you may use panty liners to prevent Urinary Tract Infection.

Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes like stretchable jeans and figure hugging pants or slacks to prevent Urinary Tract Infection. These garments interfere with flow of air and the moisture gets trapped inside and becomes a cause for UTI.

Cotten undergarment

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