How To Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

urinary tract infectionThe problem of urinary tract infection (UTI) is caused by a particular bacterium known as e coli. Its full name is escherichia coli. This bacterium generally affects women more as compared to men since they possess diminutive urinary tract. E coli develop in the urinary tract which consists of kidneys, bladder, urethra and uretes.

In majority of the cases, it has been found that an unhygienic bathroom has become a potent source from where bacterium responsible for urinary tract infection develops. In UTI, escherichia coli tags itself to the inside layer of the cells of urinary tract. Afterwards, it generates a special type of secluded coating which acts defiantly against medicines. This bacterium multiplies itself very rapidly. That is why most cases of UTI become chronic in nature even if little bit of strain is left.

It is extremely important to be aware about the symptoms of urinary tract infection and to prevent recurrence of this chronic infection since treatment is done as per the symptoms.

Symptoms Of UTI

One of the most important facts that must be kept in mind that UTI can occur at any age. The intensity of infection depends on age, infected part and also immunity of a person. For instance, if a baby develops urinary tract infection then there are symptoms of erratic behaviour, diarrhoea, high fever, unsettled stomach, reduction in hunger and most importantly child will weep when urinating.

Children above the age of five years becomes short-tempered, develops fever, abdominal pain especially in the lower portion, dripping of urine and also a feeling to urinate more than normal.

Different symptoms occur in women and most of them manifests themselves completely. Women feel abdominal pain in the lower part along with a smouldering sensation in the affected portion. This symptom is generally experienced while passing urine. In many severe cases, blood is passed out along with urine.

Elderly people can suffer from most of the symptoms that develops in a baby, child and woman. In addition to it, they might suffer from perplexity and exhaustion.

symptoms of uti

If UTI bacterium begins to affect kidneys, then high fever, queasiness, severe backache and cold chills might also develop in a patient.

The symptoms mentioned above do not occur at once but they can occur individually or collectively. In some patients, severity of one or more symptoms can increase especially in night. There are some cases where a patient experiences burning sensation even when there is no need to urinate or if bladder is empty.

Preventing Urinary Tract Infection

There are some preventive measures that can be taken to avoid occurrence of urinary tract infection or to avoid chronic nature of this infection.

Personal hygiene plays a crucial role in not only preventing recurrence of urinary tract infection but also in preventing its development in the human body. It is important for men and women to clean the rectum area so as to prevent the development of associated pathogen. If a person is already infected from this malady then he or she must drink at least three to four liters of water on a daily basis.

It is advisable not to drink excessive amount of artificial fruit drinks, beverages such as tea, coffee or cocktail juices and also liquid products that contain artificially prepared sugar.

In UTI, maximum use of sugar must be avoided because it will only aggravate the problem. If sugar is to be used in preparation of pastries, cakes or cookies then its level must be kept at less than half. Instead add more and more fibrous foodstuff into the diet.

Include fruits or vegetables having anti-oxidant properties, such as tomatoes, cranberry, cherry and blueberry as they hold back the clasping of e coli bacterium to wall of the bladder.

For babies, the best medicine to treat UTI is to feed them with breast milk. For women, it is recommended to do light exercises for a minimum of thirty to forty minutes.

Prescribed tablets of Vitamin C can be taken so as to increase the concentration of natural, healthy acid since it lessens the quantity of e coli bacterium that may perhaps be breeding in the urinary tract of a person.

A patient can also prefer to take prescribed homeopathic medicine to treat urinary tract infection for the reason that it increases the immunity of person in preventing recurrence of this disease.

There are several causes by which a person can develop UTI. In some cases, sexual intercourse can also become one of the causes of this infection in women who have multiple sexual partners or whose frequency is more.

Never wait if you feel to urinate because too much holding back of urine can put strain on bladder’s capacity to stretch which in the longer run can make its muscles grow weaker. As soon as it turns weaker, bladder does not empty entirely. Now, this condition increases the vulnerability of a person towards developing UTI. Release of urine removes bacterium from urethra.

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