Necessary Vitamins For Eye Health

Vitamins for eye healthThe eyes are the most delicate organs of the body and they are the parts that exhibit the stress and the fatigue that people go through. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the health of the eyes by taking the necessary vitamins and the minerals that help in keeping the eyes in good condition.

The health of the eyes is greatly affected due to continuous work schedules in front of the computer. That is why the people are advised to take in such foods that have high contents of vitamins so that the health of the eyes can be improved to a large extent. The required vitamins that should be taken are as follows:

Vitamins For Eye Health

Vitamin E

Any kind of stress to the eyes along with cataracts and dryness of the eyes can be reduced by the intake of vitamin E, which is considered to be the best among all vitamins for eye health.

Vitamin E


It is basically an antioxidant that protects the entire body from the damage caused by free radicals. The main sources of vitamin E are mangoes, broccoli, papayas, olives and avocados that can protect the eyes from any kind of damage.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A along with beta carotene can have tremendous advantages for the health of the eyes because it is widely known to improve the vision of the eyes during the night, provides good hydration to the eyes and also prevents any kind of tension to the eyes.

vitamin a


Vitamin A helps in transforming fat into energy that further helps in maintaining the health of the eyes to a great extent. Juices, cereals and dairy products should be taken in excess in order to provide the eyes with the vitamin needed for good health.

Vitamin C

There are several diseases of the eyes like cataract, retinopathy in diabetic patients and glaucoma that even result in blindness of the eyes. These diseases can be prevented by taking vitamin C in large quantities as vitamin C is water soluble and it also acts as an antioxidant.

vitamin c


The connective tissues, the collagen found in the cornea and the body forms are maintained by vitamin C. Macular degeneration that causes cataract and loss of vision can be avoid if vitamin C rich food is included in the daily diet. Such foods include green peppers, orange juice and broccoli.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D also plays a great role in maintaining the health of the eyes and also in keeping the vision of the eyes intact. It can help in reducing any kind of inflammation of the eyes due to aging or any other infection. Okra, kale, soybeans, collard and fishes should be taken in order to improvise the health of the eyes.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2


Among all vitamins for eye health, vitamin B2 is considered to be the most important because it strengthens the cornea of the eyes and also reduces the chances of any kind of eye disorders. Mushrooms, meats, spinach and milk taken in adequate amount can have good effects on the health of the eyes.

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