Natural Cures For Breast Care

Natural Cures For Breast Care

For a woman the breasts are amazing organs. They can provide nutrition for babies and enhance your beauty. They are very intimately connected with the reproductive system and continuously change during the menstrual cycle. Fibroid adenomas, Mastalgia, Nipple Inversion, Discharge, Infection, Cysts and cancer are just some of the problems that can happen in the breast.

There are many indications of problems occurring in the breast like appearance of lumps, swelling even in the armpits, tenderness or soreness, flattening or any change in shape, size and texture, discomfort or burning sensation, altered appearance of the nipples or the areolar area, discharge etc. It is very important to know how these amazing organs work and how to care for them and keep them functioning properly.

Best Natural Cures For Breast Care


Massage is one of the most effective natural methods of breast care. Four steps need to be regularly followed to help in bringing nutrients to the breast and flushing the toxins out. These four steps serve a specific purpose. The first step is a motion that helps in the draining of the lymphatic system, the second and fourth are to assist the venous system and the third step is to help strengthen the ligaments.


For step one use slow gentle, strokes away from the nipple, for the second step use a kneading motion gentle massage, for the third step gently twist the breast both in the clockwise and counter clockwise directions and the fourth step apply gentle pressure and compression to move the fluids. To be effective this massage technique needs to be followed for a minimum of two times a week.

The Right Kind Of Bra

Bras play a very important role in breast care. Whether you wear one or not, for how long do you wear a bra, and more importantly what kind of bra you wear all contribute to the maintenance of healthy breasts. It has been proved that women who wear bras for the whole day have more chances of getting breast diseases as compared to a woman who does not wear a bra at all.

A bra that is very tight restricts and hampers the movement of the breast and the movement of the fluids in the lymphatic and venous systems of the breast. This will prevent the drainage of the toxins from the breasts. Hence it is important to keep in mind that while buying bras a woman must choose the one that is best for her health and not the most fashionable one. Cotton bras are the best for the maintenance of the breasts. Avoid using sports bras, push up bras or bras with support or under wires for long periods of time.

Herbal Remedies

Certain herbs have various compounds that help in maintaining breast health and can be used as important elements of Breast Care. Gingko Biloba helps in increasing the circulation to the entire body as well as the breasts. Hence it can help reduce heaviness and swelling in the breasts.

Gingko Biloba

Angus Castus helps to balance the hormonal levels of the body and thus promote breast health as the health of the breast is directly related to the hormonal levels. The application of Evening Primrose Oil can reduce the pain in the breast to a great extent and help in maintain breast health.

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Weight Control And Exercise

Obesity or excess weight causes many problems in the body including interfering with the hormonal balance. These hormones are directly related to the female reproductive system and to the breast health of a woman.


Hence it is very important to maintain ideal weight for their respective bodies. This becomes even more important after a woman reaches menopause. Regular exercise helps in maintaining the hormonal balance. Even a light exercise like walking for thirty minutes a day can be effective in maintain the hormonal balance and thus become important for Breast Care.


A healthy diet goes a long way in the promotion of breast health and is a very important part of natural Breast Care. A well balanced diet is the key to good life and good health. Various nutrients available in a well balanced diet are important in maintaining the body systems functioning properly.


Foods rich in fatty acids and anti oxidants are very good to maintain breast health. Foods rich in Vitamin E like almonds, oatmeal, green leafy vegetables and soybean are very effective to help with breast care. Also Vitamin B rich foods like milk, bran flakes, fruits and vegetables etc should be made a part of the diet to promote breast health.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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