Home Remedies For Breast Lumps

Breast LumpsBreast lumps are a concern for a significant number of women worldwide and there have been numerous ways of treating the same. In the event of detecting breast lumps, women can easily opt for inexpensive and easy remedies which can be followed at home.

Natural and home-made remedies like breast compresses, massages and exercises can go a long way in providing relief from painful breast lumps. There exist several herbal therapies which can easily be prepared at home and used for treating breast lumps and the discomfort associated with it. These home made preparations can be very effective in treating breast lumps by balancing the hormone levels.

Various Ways To Cure Breast Lumps


Hot and cold hydrotherapy is regarded as one of the most effective means of addressing problems related to breast lumps. A stream of water concentrated at the breasts and underarms can significantly help in lessening the lumps.

The stream of water should be applied to the area for a minimum of two minutes. It can be alternated with hot and cold streams for obtaining maximum benefit and effect. This alternating stream can be applied for as long as 20 minutes for obtaining best results.


Another effective way of treating breast lumps is exercising. Several exercises are in place for the effective treatment of breast lumps, but running and rebounding seem to be the most efficient. The lymph system of the body gets exercised by undertaking these physical activities and it noticeably reduces lumps, apart from toning the lymph system.


Practicing inversion therapy by lying upside down on a slant board is also highly effective. These exercises can be performed with no training, and can be easily undertaken at home.

Breast Massage

Women facing problems regarding breast lumps can undertake numerous breast massages, which are known to have yielded positive results. There can be several forms of massages, but lymphatic breast massage has long been regarded as being highly effective. These massages are easy to learn and not complicated.

Women can therefore implement them at home for obtaining the best results in reducing breast lumps. The lymphatic breast massage serves to keep the lymphatic fluid moving in its natural way, which is of immense help in reducing breast lumps.

Ice Compresses

A soothing and comfortable treatment for painful breast lumps are ice compresses. Cold compresses can be of much effect in relieving the breasts from pain and inflammation. Crushed ice in a plastic bag can also be used as a compress. It can also be wrapped in a towel and applied to the breasts.

 Cold compresses

The patient should ideally lie down and apply the compresses for getting the maximum benefit. Apart from cold compresses, alternating between hot and cold compresses can also be helpful in releasing the pain and the discomfort.

Hot Castor Oil Compresses

Castor oil compresses are widely regarded to be an efficient treatment for breast lumps. It can be applied by saturating a flannel cloth in castor oil and then heating it on the oven.

Hot Castor Oil

The cloth can be covered in plastic or towels to hold the heat and then applied on the breasts. This treatment can be repeated several times a day depending on the seriousness of the case. The castor oil can also be applied at room temperature for the treatment of smaller lumps.

Although breast lumps are quite common among women between ages 30 to 50, it is nevertheless a painful condition. This however can be taken care easily and safely without much training and through the above mentioned home remedies.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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