Best Home Remedies For Breast Cysts

Home Remedies For Breast Cysts

Breast cysts are usually benign, fluid-filled sacs that can develop in one or both the breasts. Although, they can develop in women of any age, breast cysts are more commonly found in women before they reach menopause. Such breast cysts usually disappear after menopause. Fluctuations in hormone levels may result in breast glands filling up with fluid. This is usually seen one to two weeks before a menstrual cycle starts as at that time there are many hormone fluctations in the body.

The breast tissue are very sensitive to changes in hormone levels. These changes in the body can result in the development of cysts. The breasts become swollen and may pain. Now, normally the fluid collected is transported out of the body by the lymphatic glands. But, if there is excess fluid formation the lymphatic system is unable to drain it effectively. This excess fluid results in the formation of cysts. Breast cysts are usually not cancerous and disappear on their own. But, if a cyst is large, and causing pain or discomfort, draining the fluid may become essential. Some home remedies are very helpful in treating breast cysts completely, in the comfort of your home, and without much expenses.

Home Remedies For Breast Cysts

1. Wearing A Bra Properly

Breast cysts can be painful and cause a lot of discomfort. Wearing a good bra provides support to the surrounding breast tissue around the cysts and reduces discomfort. The breasts become heavy and uncomfortable due to the extra fluid collected in the cysts. Get a sturdy good quality bra that will help support the breasts and prevent nerve fibres in the breast from stretching further.

Do not wear a very tight bra, or an underwire bra, as they cause tightening around the muscle tissue. This may hinder the lymphatic glands from effectively draining off the fluid collected in the breasts, and may lead to formation of breast cysts. It is noticed that women who wear too tight bras may show more chances of develpoing breast cysts. Also, do not wear a bra to bed at night.

2. Hot Compresses Of Essential Oils

Take ten drops of lavendar essential oil and three drops of chamomile essential oil and mix them together in some warm water. Dip a clean cloth in this water and press over the breasts. Do this twice a day in order to reduce the size of the breast cysts and prevent further formation of new ones.

3. Hot Compresses With Rice

This is another old home remedy that actually works. Put some rice (uncooked) in a sock and tie the open end properly. Warm this sock in an oven or on a pan. Apply this compress over the painful breasts. Take care that it is not too hot, else it will burn. Regular use of this compress provides relief from pain and discomfort associated with cysts, and prevents their formation.

4. Apply Cabbage Leaves

This is a very old home remedy that helps reduce the size of the cysts and reduces pain in the breasts. Take two cabbage leaves and cut them according to your breast size. Tie them over the breasts. Leave them on for at least half an hour.

Apply Cabbage Leaves

5. Reduce Salt Intake

Excessive collection of fluid in the breasts may result in the formation of breast cysts. Since, salt contains sodium, which increases fluid retention in the body. It is advisable to reduce your salt intake. This will help relieve the symptoms associated with breast cysts. Add less quantity of salt to the food you eat. Avoid chips, preserved canned food, and all other such foods which contain extra added salt.

6. Eat More Iodine Rich Food

A deficiency in iodine levels in the body can make the thyroid gland inactive. This leads to the formation of breast cysts. Many women undergo iodine treatment which helps reduce the size of the cysts. Instead, you can avoid this therapy by just increasing your intake of iodine rich food. Add iodized salt to your food in order to maintain adequate iodine levels in your body.

Eat More Iodine Rich Food

7. Eliminate Coffee And Tea

Coffe and black tea are high in Methylxanthines. These substances can lead to cyst formation in the breasts. They are also found in some chocolates and beverages. Eliminate these items completely from your diet in order to prevent cysts formation. Coffee also contains high quantities of caffeine which can affect the nerves in the body and cause discomfort. Many women find relief from the pain due to breast cysts when they cut down on their caffeine intake.

8. Consume Soy Based Foods

Soy based foods have higher quantities of a substance called isoflavins. These substances help to reduce the effects of excess estrogen in body. Since extra estrogen can cause hormonal imbalances in the body, resulting in formation of breast cysts, you should eat foods that help reduce the effects of this extra estrogen.

9. Apply Heat

Other women find relief from the pain by the application of  heat. Hot watter bottle can be applied to the breasts. Showering with warm water is also helpful. Heating pads are available in the market. They can be applied to the painful breasts to get immediate relief.

10. Eat Lots Of Fibre

A high fibre diet ensures your digestive system works well and bowel movements are smoother. This effectively eliminates excess estrogen from the body which is one of the main factors behind the formation of breast cysts. Eat whole grains, brown rice and flaxseeds. Include lots of fresh fruits like bananas, pears, melons, etc in your diet. Fruits are rich in fibre and help eliminate toxins from your system. Consume fresh vegetables which are rich in fibre. This kind of diet prevents formation of  breast cysts.

11. Apply Cold

Some women find relief from the pain due to breast cysts on application of some cold water. Dip a soft cloth in some cold water and cover the breasts for a few minutes. Otherwise, dip your hands in cold water and cup the breasts with your hands. This provides relief from the pain. Use can also use ice packs and rub them slowly over the painful breasts. This provides lot of relief from the pain and discomfort due to the breast cysts.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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