8 Ways To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

Breast cysts are very common among women who are in their reproductive age. Though they are quite harmless as they are non cancerous, many women find it very stressful to live with them. 8 Ways To Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

They can become swollen and cause more pain during menstruation when the hormone fluctuation in the body is at its height.

Most breast cysts go away on their own and do not require any treatment except maybe pain relievers during the days of menstruation. There are some natural ways by which you can treat them as well which are quit safe and without any side effects.

8 Ways to Avoid Breast Cysts Naturally

1. Diet control can help remove breast cysts naturally. This however may not be effective for all. Some women have found that avoiding caffeinated drinks like coffee, chocolate, cola and other forms of energy drink that leads to water retention in the body due to their diuretic properties have helped them a lot. Try introducing a diet that is free from caffeine and see if this works in your favour.

Diet control

2. Another great way to reduce and completely eliminate breast cysts if you are lucky is to control the intake of salt. Salt too leads to water retention in the body and can aggravate the disease. Limiting salt intake can offer tremendous relief to some women.

3. Evening primrose oil is another natural reedy that can be used for the prevention of breast cysts. If you are prone to cysts, it is a good idea to take supplements of evening primrose oil. The gamma linolenic acid that is present in evening primrose oil has the potential to prevent breast cysts. Talk to your gynaecologist or a herbalist before using this essential oil.

Evening primrose oil

4. Breast tenderness and pain can be aggravated in the night and during your periods, especially when you leave your breasts free. For women who are prone to breast cysts, wearing supportive bras can help a lot as it will keep the breast firmly in place without causing tenderness and associated pain that can disrupt your sleep.

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However, ensure that you go for a soft bra that does not compress your breasts too much to cause lack of blood circulation.

5. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc. which belong to the cruciferous group of vegetables are known to contain natural estrogen that can help in alleviating the pain and tenderness in the breasts.


6. Vitamins like vitamin E and A have shown to reduce breast cysts in women if taken in the right quantities. Talk to your doctor about the right dose for you.

Vitamin E

7. Breast cysts are sometimes relieved through the intake of birth control pills. But this must be taken only under the careful monitoring of a doctor as hormones in excess can in fact aggravate the condition and lead to other complications.

8. OTC pain relievers can be used to control the pain to a certain extent. However, make sure that you do not make this a habit to avoid side effects in your body.

OTC pain relievers

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