Natural Cures For Birth Control

Birth ControlNatural birth control methods that include behavioural and herbal methods can be used in a natural way to prevent unintended pregnancy.  They are effective and have been followed from ancient times for family planning.  Herbs are quite successful in dampening fertility.

It does not cost much and are completely harmless with no side effects. Moreover, herbs are cheaper, healthier and better than medications. Some of the effective natural cures for birth control are discussed below.

Best 5 Natural Cures For Birth Control


Herbs act as simple barriers and work effectively to prevent pregnancy. A proper proportion of these herbal infusions can be taken periodically to keep fertility under control. Stoneseed roots and Puplit roots are sterility promoting herbs. Thistle can induce sterility temporarily.

smartweed leaves

Wild carrot seed, smartweed leaves and rutin can be helpful to prevent implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. These herbs make the endometrium of the uterus unsuitable for the development of the embryo. Certain herbs promote menstruation when your period is late. Ginger roots, tansy leaves and pennyroyal leaves can induce menstruation.

Calendar Method

This is a natural technique, which involves planning for conception. Calendar method focuses on tracking the menstrual cycle of women to predict the ovulation time. A woman must make a note of her first day of menstrual cycle in a calendar, which is the very first day of shedding endometrial lining of the uterus.

Ovulation can be calculated exactly after eight menstrual cycles. The method includes counting the days during each cycle. By doing so, the shortest and longest cycles can be identified and the first as well as last fertile day of the cycle can be computed. Using this, a woman can avoid intercourse between the fertile phases and avoid getting pregnant.

Continuous Breastfeeding

Lactational amenorrhea is considered to postpone ovulation up to six months after delivering a child.  It is a kind of natural contraception.It works effectively as the hormones needed to stimulate the production of milk prevents the hormones required to stimulate ovulation, but breast feeding women cannot depend on this method for not more than six months.


In addition, it is effective only when a woman feeds the child with both the breasts and feeds at least six times a day and does not substitute any food for breast milk.

Mucus Method

Every day in the morning, take a vaginal secretion sample using your fingers. Just press the sample against the thumb and test the consistency and texture of the vaginal secretion by separating your finger and thumb. If you feel it is sticky and clear like an egg white then ovulation process is about to start.

After this phase, in another four days you will go into an infertile period, which will last until the next fertile phase (there will be no clear mucus during this phase). It reflects the estrogen levels in the body. The secretion will be cloudy and tacky when ovulation phase passes away.

Temperature Method

In temperature method, take a measure of the body temperature and record it every day when you get up in the morning. Once you obtain six readings of the temperature, take an average of them by adding them up and dividing the answer by six.


When you find three higher temperature readings in a row compared to average temperature, then you can confirm that ovulation has occurred.  After three days of increase in body temperature, you would have gone into the infertile phase. Conception cannot occur from this period until the next fertile phase.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.