6 Natural Cure For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a condition where pregnant women feel nauseous and feel a vomiting sensation. The name may be misleading and morning sickness is not confined to morning, but can be experienced throughout the day, but is most intense during the morning.

Morning Sickness The effects of morning sickness can be reduced by various natural methods which are discussed below. Ways To Cure Morning Sickness

Eat Frequently

Sometimes hunger may cause nausea because the acids of the stomach have nothing to digest when the stomach is empty. Therefore, women suffering from morning sickness should eat small meals regularly rather than eating big meals after long intervals so that the stomach does not stay empty for a period of time.

Eating Early


Crackers are highly recommended for pregnant women as they help in digestion and are cheap and portable and in many cases remove nausea completely. Pregnant women are recommended to carry crackers everywhere they go and to keep nibbling on them. It is also recommended to have crackers before sleeping and on waking up in the morning. In the morning they should have some crackers in the lying down position before sitting up straight in the vertical position.


Potato Chips

Eating a few potato chips is also recommended for women suffering from morning sickness. If chips are eaten at the first signs of morning sickness, they may help to cure it for some women and if this is the case, then eating potato chips should be made a part of the routine. Also, pregnancy may result in over-production of saliva and therefore eating potato chips is preferable as it helps in drying down the saliva.

Potato Chips


Dehydration also brings about nausea and therefore pregnant women should drink lots of water to prevent this. At least 8 glasses of water should be taken every day. However, all of the water does not need to be only in this form. Fruits and vegetables rich in water should also be taken as they provide other nutrients as well along with water and help with both dehydration and constipation as well as with various other factors that can cause nausea.

Drink More Water


Ginger is widely known to be a good cure for morning sickness and is also used extensively by the folk people of New England as well as people of the Pacific Northwest. Ginger should be taken in the liquid from through ginger ale, but the ginger ale should be non-caffeinated as caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy.

For preparing natural ginger ale, place half teaspoon of powdered ginger spice in a cup and then fill the cup with boiling water and consume this mixture. Ginger contains Gingerols and Shogaols which ease the intestinal track thereby reliving the patient of nausea and vomiting.

Ginger (2)


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During pregnancy, all the smells become more intense and even the smells which used to pass by unnoticed before, can make you uneasy and give and intense vomiting sensation and nausea. Therefore, you should take care of such smells and as a precaution you should take something with you that smell nice so that you can use it in such situations. It is recommended to carry a small satchel stuffed with dried herbs. Lavender and thyme are particularly recommended as they have a soothing sensation. You may also squeeze some lemon on a handkerchief and carry it and you can use any of these two methods and smell them whenever you are faced with an unpleasant odour.


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