Meditation Yoga – Meaning, Forms And Benefits

Meditation Yoga

Yoga has been used since times immortal for various purposes right from increasing concentration to curing various physical ailments and even in the treatment of various mental disorders. It is an amazing science with immense benefits. One such form of yoga is “Meditation Yoga” which is one of the eight limbs of yoga. Mentioned below is the meaning of “Meditation Yoga”, its various forms and the benefits of “Meditation Yoga”

Meaning of “Meditation Yoga”

“Meditation Yoga” is particularly a type of meditation wherein one is required to forget all the worldly matters and focus and concentrate only on the spiritual facet. It helps bring calmness and stability of the mind and helps overcome stress and anxieties.

Different Forms Of “meditation Yoga”:

1. Forward Bend Pose

This pose is good for the shoulder,legs and the back. To attain this pose sit on the ground and spread your legs in front of your body. Now bend your right leg so that the ball of the right foot is on the inner side of upper left thigh. Now bend forward and touch the left foot with your forehead. Hold the pose for about two minutes. Repeat the pose three more times.

Wide Legged Forward Bend Pose

2. Lotus Pose

This pose too is good for the back. Sit straight and spread the legs in the front. Put right foot on left thigh and left foot on right thigh. Back and head should be kept straight and eyes should be closed. The hands to be placed in meditating pose. Hold the pose for few minutes.

Lotus Pose and Blowing in a firm pose

3. Cobra Pose

This pose is good for the back, shoulders and the chest. It is a very good asana for the respiratory system and also improves blood circulation. To attain the pose lie on the ground with your forehead touching the ground. Place your palms under the shoulder. Stretch your legs and the top of your feet should press down on the ground. Inhale and stretch arms and press your hands slowly on the ground till your chest is stretched upwards. Hold the pose for few minutes and repeat it again.

Cobra pose

Benefits of “Meditation Yoga”:

The benefits of “Meditation Yoga” are as follows:

1. Good For The Muscles

It help strengthens the muscles and improves the flexibility of muscles.

Build Muscles

2. Helps Control Certain Ailments

It helps control certain ailments like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

3. Good For The Brain

It invigorates the brain and makes it more active .It helps improves concentration.

Sharpens Your Brain

4. Improves Stamina And Energy Levels

It is found to improve stamina and boost the energy level of the person and keeps him more active.

Boosts Energy

5. Spiritual And Physical Well Being

It strengthens the back, shoulder, legs etc making the person physically more fit.At the same time it also promotes spiritual well being making the person feel closer to the almighty and makes the person feel happier.

Spiritual advancement

Looking at the various advantages that Meditation Yoga has one must try to practice it in daily. Though initially one may find difficulties in performing the various poses slowly with practice and with the help of yoga instructor one can surely master the art with ease.

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