10 Herbs And Spices To Combat Diabetes

Herbs And Spices To Combat Diabetes

Throughout the history, the importance of herbs and spices in the field of medicine is remarkable. There are several kinds of spices and herbs that help in lowering the blood sugar levels of the diabetics and play a vital role in helping them manage their condition. Few studies have mentioned that using the right kinds of herbs and spices helped in improving the blood glucose levels of diabetics apart from treating inflammation caused due to diabetes.

Here Is The List Of The Herbs And Spices That Help Combat Diabetes:


Cumin is a spice that helps in lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This spice shows great effects in AGEs that are considered to be harmful in diabetes.

Cumin Seeds


This aromatic herb has several medicinal properties and can be included in your soups, stews etc. Basil contains enzymes that help lower the levels of the blood sugar. Few studies have proved that basil helped in lowering the fasting blood sugar of diabetics by 18% and even helped control the spikes in their blood sugar levels after meals by 7.3%.

Holy Basil


Garlic is known for its distinct flavor that spices up any dish. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in suppressing the cytokines that impact diabetes. Garlic can help lower the lipids and blood sugar levels apart from reducing the C-reactive protein which causes inflammation. However, fresh garlic shows effective results.

Garlic (3)


Bilberries contain potent antioxidants known as anthocyanins that help lower inflammation, combat diabetes, and improves your heart health. Few observational studies have mentioned that people who consumed fresh bilberries regularly had an improvement in glucose tolerance and reduction in inflammation.



Peppermint acts as a great ingredient in combating diabetes due to the presence of abundant antioxidants. It has an amazing flavor and the aroma of peppermint tea is refreshing. However, fresh peppermint leaves show many effective results in treating such health problems.

Peppermint Leaves


Turmeric contains several medicinal properties making it ideal for combating diabetes. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-infectious actions and this is due to the presence of curcumin in it. Few research studies have indicated that people who used healthy doses of turmeric in their food or in the form of supplements had lesser chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

Turmeric Powder


Ginger is one such effective herb helpful in fighting diabetes and reducing the higher blood lipids because it does its work from many sides and even aids in managing weight. Ginger helps in reducing blood fats, cholesterol, and blood glucose. People who include ginger in their diet have lesser chances of developing type-2 diabetes when compared to others.

The Ginger Remedy


This herb plays a vital role in reducing the levels of the blood sugar and also helps prevent any diabetic complications by pulling out the sugar in the blood to store it in the liver. A cup of chamomile tea does show great effects in combating diabetes.

Chamomile Tea


Sage is an incredible herb loaded with a bunch of antioxidants that help combat diabetes. It has a soothing aroma when added while brewing tea. It is one such amazing aromatic herb that has high doses of polyphenols. It contains rosmarinic acid which is higher than the content present in rosemary.



This is one of the finest herbs that helps in lowering the insulin resistance and also reduce overeating in people having diabetes. Thanks to its hypoglycemic effects. Tarragon contains enzymes that help combat diabetes.


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