Learn How To Cure Diabetes Naturally

Learn How To Cure Diabetes NaturallyDiabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, has become a major lifestyle condition all over the world. The number of people being affected is alarming. The two main factors contributing to this health problem are the eating habits of people and a sedentary lifestyle. Stress and genes also play an important role. When the pancreas in our body secretes less insulin, the sugar in our blood cannot be broken down, resulting in high levels of blood sugar.

This condition is known as diabetes. High level of glucose in blood, hunger, fatigue, thirst and increased frequency of urination are the main symptoms seen in people suffering from diabetes. There are three types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes affects teenagers and young adults. Type 2 diabetes is most prevalent and gestational diabetes affects women during pregnancy.

Although, there is no known cure for this disease, there are some lifestyle changes that help in controlling it. The main challenge for a diabetes patient is to get the sugar level in control. These natural remedies will help you achieve your purpose and allow you to live a normal life.

Ways To Cure Diabetes

Bitter Gourd

Who likes bitter things? But, bitter gourd juice, which is very very bitter, is found to be extremely beneficial for diabetic people. It helps keep the blood glucose level normal. Take a couple of bitter gourds, throw the seeds, and then use a juicer to extract its juice. Have this juice on an empty stomach early in the morning. You can also dilute it with little water if you find it too strong. You can also make a vegetable curry with bitter gourd, or fry small pieces in a healthy oil and eat as snacks.


Avocado is popularly used as a natural remedy to cure diabetes. Its seed should be grilled first and then soaked in a bowl of boiling hot water for a few minutes.


You will notice that the water turns brown. Have this cooled brown water of avocado seed daily. This helps cure diabetes completely if done on a regular basis.


Jambul, popularly known as jamun, is considered an effective natural remedy for diabetes. It affects insulin production in the pancreas and helps lower your blood sugar levels. Dry some jambul seeds and make a powder of these. Have a teaspoon of this powder twice a day. You can mix it a glass of water and gulp it down.


Fenugreek is very effective in controlling diabetes. You just need to soak some fenugreek seeds in water. Let them soak overnight to get the maximum benefits.


Drinking this water early in the morning for a couple of months will help bring down glucose levels in your body. You can also make a powder of fenugreek seeds and have it with some milk every day. Also, add fenugreek seeds to your dishes.

Mango Leaves

Mango leaves are found to be helpful in curing diabetes naturally and very effectively. Take a few tender mango leaves and soak them in a bowl of water for a few hours. Strain and have this water every morning. Doing this regularly will help keep your blood sugar levels in control. Another way is to make a powder of dried mango leaves and consume it every day.



Guava is a fruit that is very safe and healthy for diabetic patients as it has only natural sugars. It is very rich in vitamin C and has high fibre content, making it an ideal fruit for you if you have diabetes. Remove its skin first as it can increase the blood sugar levels. Have a moderate amount only; just don’t overdo it.


Research work indicates that cinnamon powder can help reduce blood sugar levels. It helps both the type 1 and 2 patients. Boil some water and add cinnamon powder to it. Let it simmer for some time. Strain and have this liquid every day. This will bring down your blood sugar levels, if taken regularly. You can also add cinnamon to your food. It has a nice taste and flavor.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many health benefits and is used popularly these days to cure many ailments. It is beneficial for diabetic people as it helps maintain the blood sugar levels.

aloe vera

Take some aloe vera juice and mix a teaspoon of turmeric well in it. You can also add some dried bay leaf powder. This mixture should be taken daily before your meals. It aids digestion and helps lower your blood sugar level effectively.

Indian Gooseberry

Also known as amla, Indian gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C and helps the pancreas to function efficiently. Extract juice from some Indian gooseberries. Mix a tablespoon of this juice in a cup of water and drink this solution every day. This should be taken early in the morning before breakfast. You can also add gooseberry juice to some bitter gourd juice to get the best benefits. This works effectively in cutting down your blood sugar levels.

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Olive Oil

Studies have proved that olive oil is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Olive oil should be used in cooking as it can reduce bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood.

Olive Oil

You can also use olive oil in salad dressings and sprinkle it over the dishes. It helps lower cholesterol levels which are found to be high in diabetic patients.


Sunlight is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. We all know that sunlight is the source of vitamin D, which our body requires for proper functioning. Did you know that normal vitamin D levels are necessary in our body for maintaining normal insulin production? So, it is essential that you maintain these levels by getting sufficient sunlight every day. This is the simplest and most easy natural remedy for diabetes.

Drink Enough Water

Our blood is mostly made up of water. It helps mobilize the high sugar content in our blood, helping control its level effectively.


You must drink two to three litres of water every day as it will help control your blood sugar level and will also prevent other complications associated with diabetes.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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