5 Tips On How To Prevent Bladder Infection

Bladder InfectionBladder infection is caused by bacteria and it occurs mostly in women than men. Bladder infection makes you feel very uncomfortable. But by following some simple tips you can prevent bladder infection easily. One very common tip is to wear comfortable cotton underwear and loose jeans or pants as they keep the area moisture free.

You can also take vitamin C supplements with plenty of water as it will prevent the spread of any infections by making the urine more acidic. Let us read about a few more tips:

How To Prevent Bladder Infection

Wipe Properly

Wipe yourself the correct way after going to the bathroom. Wipe from front to back every time you go to the bathroom in order to stop the spread of bacteria and thus prevent the bladder from getting infected. Also keep the vaginal area dry and as much clean as you can.

Good Hygiene

Clean the feminine area properly. Always wash and clean your genital area properly before and after sexual intercourse using some feminine wash or an antiseptic soap to prevent the spread of bacteria to the bladder. Take a good shower.


You should always use the sanitary napkins properly and change them every time you go to the bathroom. Never use any deodorant sprays or perfumed products or powder in the genital area as they cause irritation in the bladder and thus lead to infections in the bladder.

Urinate Properly

Urinate whenever you feel the urge and empty the bladder completely because by emptying the bladder often will stop the growth of bacteria. So don’t hold it when you actually need to urinate. Even if you are doing some important work and you will the urge to urinate, don’t wait to finish the work and then urinate. First go and urinate and then continue with your work. Also urinate properly before and after sexual intercourse.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water every day; at least 6-8 glasses a day. Also add some ice cubes to the glass of water and then have it. This will keep urination regular and thus you will empty the bladder often and as a result of constant movement of urine there will be no growth of bacteria.

Drink water

Thus bladder infection will get prevented. You can also have cranberry and blueberry juices because they make the urine acidic which prevents growth of bacteria. But never add sugar to the juices. Having 2-3 cups of herbal tea every day is also great.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise for at least 5 days in a week. You should do running, walking, cycling yoga, aerobics for 30 minutes as these will help you to stay fresh. Avoid smoking. If you can’t quit smoking at once, then at least try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. You should also avoid exposure to tobacco smoke or any kind of products containing tobacco.


Avoid alcohol, caffeine (coffee, hot chocolate) citrus fruits and juices (oranges, strawberry) as they can cause irritation in the bladder. You should also avoid spicy foods, dairy products, wheat, sugar (foods and drinks), fermented foods, refined foods, foods rich in yeast. Avoid or lower the intake of red meat and also try to avoid pastas and white breads. Have tomatoes, cherries (antioxidant rich foods), potatoes, beans (fiber rich foods). Always use olive oil in cooking. Thus by following these 5 tips you can prevent bladder infection to a great extent.

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