How To Use Garlic To Get Rid Of Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the most common and widely spread issues especially during winters. Also due to some allergenic foods, extreme weather condition and various other reasons, the throat gets sore, inflammatory, itchy and rough. This pain sometimes it can get even higher where it becomes hard and painful to swallow food too! If you are too suffering from this issue and have tried various medications which did not affect, you can try these miraculous hoe remedies through which you can get rid of the sore throat! This amazingly magical ingredient called garlic is filled with properties which can make your sore throat completely bacteria free and would reduce all the pain, itching and soreness gradually! If you want a highly effective and promising home remedy for sore throat, here are some garlic remedy variations which you can try and get rid of sore throat soon!

1. Raw And Fresh Garlic Cloves

This is one of the most significant and promising way through which you can treat sore throat in minutes. Get some fresh garlic and you can crush the garlic a bit. Leave it for few minutes and swallow these crushed cloves along with water. This process can be repeated for 2-3 times a day for effective results. This would get you heavy relief from sore throat!

Raw And Fresh Garlic Cloves

2. Garlic Steam

Steaming is a very common method of fighting sore throat and jammed nose. If you have heavy cough and cold and need to get rid of the sore throat, jammed nose and pain, you can try this amazing remedy which gives very quick results. Crush some garlic cloves and place it into the boiling water. Take steam through this water and get cool results soon!

Garlic Steam

3. Lemon Garlic Detoxifier

If you find the taste of garlic very harsh and unpleasant, you can try mixing it with a citrus vegetable like lemon and drink it. Take some warm water and mix some lemon juice and garlic paste in the water. Drink this water 2 times a day if you have extremely sore and itchy throat. This would surely get your neck rid of such issues.

Lemon Garlic Detoxifier

4. Garlic Tea

Wondering how garlic tea would help in reducing throat soreness? Garlic tea is filled with antioxidants, anti bacterial and antiseptic properties which would heal your painful and itchy throat and would fight all the bacteria’s leaving your throat painless. Try this amazing remedy and get cool results!

Garlic Tea

5. Magical Ginger Garlic Mix

Ginger when complemented and accompanied with garlic would never fail to get you awesome results. With the healing and healthy properties of these miraculous ingredients, you must try the mixture which would get your sore throat treated in some days. Mix some garlic juice, ginger juice and mix it with warm water. Drink this solution twice a day and get rid of sore throat soon!

Magical Ginger Garlic Mix

6. Baking Soda And Garlic Gargles

Gargles are the best medicines and important elements for reducing throat pain. Regularly gargling with Luke warm water would surely help you maintain proper and infection free throat. If you have heavily painful throat, mix some baking soda and garlic paste, mix it with Luke warm water and perform several gargles. Follow this process for 2-3 times a day and you would get clean throat.

Baking Soda And Garlic Gargles

7. Honey Garlic Mixture

Honey and garlic are two powerful and high impact ingredients which would get you awesome results on your sore throat. Consuming honey regularly would get you clean and bacteria free throat. Get some fresh garlic and honey mixture and chew this solution twice a day and get a smooth and bacteria free throat.

Honey Garlic Mixture

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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