10 Facial Exercises For The Jaw

Just as we do exercises for back, legs, hips, arms and other parts of the body, it is also important to do facial exercises. It helps in toning and strengthening the muscles of the face and jawline. When you do exercises for the jawbone, the cheekbones become strong, sculpted and enhanced. It also helps in reducing fat on the face. The face can become droopy, fatty and misaligned if you don’t exercise the jawbone. It shows the importance of jawline exercises for improving the facial structure. We will explain the method of doing some jawline exercises.

Following Are The 10 Exercises For The Jawline:

1. Neck Curlup Exercise

The Neck curlup exercise helps in making the jawline strong. Lie down on a bed or floor on the back with face up. Touch your mouth upper part with tongue. Lift the chin upwards and take it near the chest. Pull the head up from the floor up to a height of two inches. Do not move the stomach. Repeat ten times and do three sets.

Neck Curlup Exercise

2. Jawline Roll Exercise

Jawline roll exercise is good for the facial muscles. To do this exercise, you should make the face tight just as someone is boxing or punching you on the face. Turn the lips towards the side and pucker them. Tense the jawbone. Utter the words “EW Charles” aloud with the mouth. Avoid grinding the teeth. Repeat ten times and do three sets.

Jawline Roll Exercise

3. Filling Air In The Mouth Exercise

Filling air in the mouth exercise helps in making the jaw muscles toned. For this, place a chair near a mirror and be seated on it. While seeing you in the mirror, close the mouth and tighten the teeth by clenching it. Suck and fill air inside your mouth. Move air sideways, hold and move it towards the opposite side. It will help in stretching your jaw muscles.

Filling Air In The Mouth Exercise

4. Mouth Opening And Closing Movements

Mouth opening and closing movements are an excellent way to get strong jaw muscles. Sit on a chair keeping a mirror in the front. Open the mouth very softly without any force or pressure taking the jaw upwards. Then, close the mouth while lowering the jaw downwards. See your face in the mirror when you do this exercise. Repeat the movements several times. Do this twice day in morning and night.

Mouth Opening And Closing Movements

5. Collar Bone Backup Exercise

Collar bone backup is an easy exercise for the jawbone and face. Sit down on a bed or floor with legs folded from knees. Hold the knees with both hands to make a strong grip. Move the head backwards and then take it forward again in the original position. Contract the throat while doing this. Continue doing this backward and forward movement of the head ten times. Do three sets.

Collar Bone Backup Exercise

6. Speaking The OO-EE Word

Do the OO-EE word isotonic exercise for making the jawline strong and well toned. For this, purse the lips with the mouth opened. Utter the words “OO, EE” while speaking aloud. Avoid touching the teeth or exposing them outside the lips. Apart from this, you can also utter the words “OO, AH”. It will exercise your mouth, lips and nose muscles.

Speaking The OO-EE Word

7. Chin Exercise

Chin exercise also helps in strengthening the jawbone and face muscles. You can do this exercise while sitting on a chair or standing straight. Take the head backwards and tilt it down behind the head. Touch the upper part of mouth with tongue. After this, lift the chin upwards and take it forward down the neck in front side. Do this up and down chin movement several times.

Chin Exercise

8. Tongue Twister

Tongue twister is another effective exercise for the jawline. Sit down on bed or floor with legs folded from knees and crossed to be in a comfortable sitting position. Touch upper part of mouth with tongue at the backside of the teeth. Press the tongue on the mouth. Utter a humming sound just as if you are buzzing with a vibrating voice. Repeat fifteen times and do three sets.

Tongue Twister

9. Sagging Chin Exercise

Sagging chin is an easy exercise for toning the jaw and chin muscles of the face. Sit on a chair in front of a table. Position the palm and fist below the chin while resting the elbow of that hand at the front on the table. After that, open the mouth and push the wrist or palms upwards on the chin for resistance. Hold and return to starting position. Repeat ten times and do three sets.

Sagging Chin Exercise

10. Smiling And Kissing Exercise

Smiling and kissing exercise is effective for the jawline and face and you can do it in a private area of the house when you are alone. Sit or stand near a mirror. Seeing yourself in the mirror, make a big smile with the lips and mouth. After that, squeeze the lips and do a kissing movement in the air. Hold and repeat several times.

Smiling And Kissing Exercise

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