5 Super Yoga Poses To Power Your Bones

Bones are the most unique structure of the human body. Their primary functions include providing structural support to the gait of the body and in protecting the vital organs. They also act as a storage space for the necessary minerals the body uses. It is encompassed of a hard outer layer called as the cortical bone and a porous soft inner layer called as the trabecular bone. Also, they act as a front line mechanism of defense against external injuries thus protecting the internal organs.

Bones also allows you to move and do your activities with renewed confidence. However, in spite of the all the tough exterior, bone weakening is inevitable. Many people do think that age plays havoc with the robustness of the bone. This is only partially correct as lifestyle changes, diet and lack of physical exercise all play an equal part in its wear and tear. There are many forms of treatment and therapies available to improve the strength of the bone. One of them is the time-tested traditional therapies of Yoga. Let us look at the five top poses that help in strengthening the bones.

Following Are The 5 Yoga Poses For Strengthening The Bones:

1. Tree Pose

This pose composes of standing upright with both your feet together. Inhale and bend your right knee and place the sole of your feet firm against the side of the left inner thigh. Balance and bring both your hands together in the sign of a salutation. Keep your head straight with eyes open and look ahead. Maintain this posture for about 30 seconds. Then exhale and slowly bring back the right leg to the starting position. Repeat the same procedure with your left leg.

This pose is very beneficial for the posture of the spine, pelvic bone and shoulder bones. The pose also encourages better balancing.

Tree Pose

TIP: Gradually increase the number of seconds once you have control of this pose. For the best results, the pose can be held for a minute.

2. Cobra Pose

For this pose lie on your stomach with your legs stretched out. Place your hands near the side of your chest with your palms facing down. Now inhale deeply and slowly raise your upper body (Chest and abdomen). Keep your head in a straight position and look straight. Maintain this posture for about 15 seconds. Exhale gently and come back to the original position. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat it.

The Cobra pose strengthens the spine and the lower back. Since a part of your weight rests on your arms, the bones in these areas also get strengthened.

Cobra Pose

TIP: For the first time, do this posture with just three repetitions. Gradually increase the repetitions over the days and once you get comfortable with this position.

3. Locust Pose

For this pose lie flat on your stomach with your legs outstretched and the hands by your sides. Inhale now and lift your head, shoulders, and chest as much as possible. Keep your head straight and raise your hands to the sides. At the same time lift your legs too by putting pressure on the knees. Maintain this posture for about ten to fifteen seconds. (When maintaining this posture, make sure that only your abdomen and your pelvic area are in touch with the floor). Exhale slowly and bring back the body to the original position. Rest for thirty seconds and repeat the procedure again.

The Locust pose is very beneficial for strengthening the entire spinal structure of your body.

Locust Pose

TIP: Do not lift your head over the shoulders for this posture as this might result in a neck pain. Always keep your head straight and look forward when maintaining the position.

4. Bridge/Back Bridge Pose

In this pose lie flat on your back and keep your knees together and lift them up. Keep your hands on your sides with your palm facing down. Inhale now and put pressure on your feet to lift your back (Lower back, middle and upper back). The bridge posture requires only your feet and the shoulder blades to touch the ground. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds. Exhale and get back to the initial position. Take a rest of about 30 seconds and then repeat the procedure.

This pose is very beneficial in strengthening the bones of chest shoulder and hips. It also powers up the backbone.

Bridge/Back Bridge Pose

TIP: When lifting up your body, exert pressure only on your feet and not on your back as this can cause some discomfort initially.

5. Chair Pose

For this pose stand in an upright position with your feet together. Exhale and bend your knees and bring your body down. Bring down your upper body till your thighs are parallel to the floor. The pose should resemble that you are trying to sit in an invisible chair. While bringing your body down, lift your hands up over your head. Remain in this posture for about 30 seconds. Inhale and slowly stand up from this position to your original pose. Relax for a minute and repeat the pose once again.

This is one of the unique postures of yoga and is very beneficial for the lower body. It strengthens the hips and the thighs phenomenally.

Chair Pose

TIP: Maintain the posture just for 10 seconds if you are doing it for the first time. Gradually increase the seconds once you get comfortable with the stance.

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