How To Stop Nail Biting

Nails are very important parts of the body especially for girls who like to decorate it in several ways with nail arts. The nail protects our fingertips and nerve endings on the fingers so it is important to take care of them. Chipped and cracked nails make the hands look ugly. Nails problems are very difficult to deal with and it can affect the looks of fingers and hands. People who have properly cut and well-manicured nails look very attractive and beautiful. Some people have a very bad habit of biting the nails when they are free and have nothing to do. Nail biting can be due to tension, stress and anxiety in life’s situation like waiting for an exam or interview and watching a horror movie. Some people bite nails in school and office. We will give some tips for stopping this habit of biting the nails.

Following Are The 9 Tips On How To Stop Nail Biting:

1. Cut The Nails Short

If you have long nails, you will be tempted to bite them frequently. Cut the nails short by trimming them regularly. Short nails are better than long nails as it helps in avoiding biting at them. Take manicure treatments for nails regularly for shaping them.

Cut The Nails Short

2. Use Chewing Gums And Candies

Chewing gum helps in keeping the mouth busy and distracting the mind away from the nails. Chew gum in the daytime. You can also distract the mind by sucking mint. Use a mint flavored gum. Some people like to suck candies especially the flavored ones.

Use Chewing Gums And Candies

3. Use Neem Oil

Apply neem oil on the fingernails with the help of cotton. Let it become dry naturally. It is a very bitter oil. Biting the nails will instantly stop you from this habit due to the bad taste of the neem oil.

Use Neem Oil

4. Play With Stress Ball And Putty

Keep the hands busy in doing things that help in avoiding the temptation to bite the nails. For this, you can hold a stress ball in your hands and play with it. Another way to distract you from nail biting is playing with putty in hands.

Play With Stress Ball And Putty

5. Use Gloves And Adhesive Bandages

Another way to avoid biting the nails is to cover the hands and fingers so that you don’t touch them. For this, you can wear gloves on hands. It is also beneficial to use adhesive bandages so that it sticks to fingertips thus avoiding the urge to bite at them.

Use Gloves And Adhesive Bandages

6. Use Fake Nails

Using fake nail products is a very good way to stop yourself from biting the nails. Use acrylic nails or wraps on the nails. You need to attach these things on the nail with glue. You can also use press-on nails.

Use Fake Nails

7. Use Nail Polish

A very good way to discourage you from nail biting is using nail polish on the fingernails. Apply nail polish of a bright and vibrant color. Make an attractive design on the nails with the nail polish. It will encourage you to grow long nails.

Use Nail Polish

8. Apply Garlic

Chop garlic into two pieces. Rub it on the nails. Wait for some time and then wash the nails. When you have the feeling of biting the nails, you will be repelled by the taste of garlic on the nail. Applying garlic oil also helps in stopping nail biting habit.

Apply Garlic

9. Use A Capsaicin Cream

Buy a nail deterrent cream from the market and use it on the nails. The cream has a bitter and awful taste and it will stop you from biting the nails when you taste the product. Use a cream that contains cayenne pepper or black pepper.

Use A Capsaicin Cream

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