How To Prevent Strep Throat


As known by everyone strep throat is a bacterial infection which takes place in the throat and tonsils. It causes irritation of the throat and inflammation and suddenly causes sore throat. Strep throat is caused by streptococcal bacteria. There are many different types of streptococcal bacteria and some cause more serious illness than others. The common symptoms in strep throat that occur is sudden sore throat pain while swallowing food, fever over 101 degree Fahrenheit, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes. There could be while and yellow spots development on the back of the red tongue. Stomach pain and headache are also common symptoms. Less common symptoms are red skin rash, not feeling hungry, vomiting and body ache.

Strep throat is infectious and can be caused from one person to the other. When a person who has strep throat breathes or even sneezes and coughs, small droplets with streptococcal bacteria go into the air. This air when breathed in by other people can lead to the problem. If someone comes into contact with the bacteria, it will take 2 to 5 days before the start of the symptoms. There are antibiotics available to be used for treatment after being diagnosed but it better to prevent the bacteria infecting you and your family, by following the below mentioned points.

Various Ways To Prevent Strep Throat

Wash Hands

It is important to wash hands several times to stay away from bacteria and viruses infecting you. This should be done before and after every meal and whenever you come home from outside or come in contact with someone who is already having the infection.

These illnesses are spread through one person to the other because of unhygienic routine. It is also to be taken care of not sharing toothbrush and eating utensils with patients who are suffering from strep throat to prevent the further spread of the infection.

Cover Your Mouth

It is basic manners to cover mouth with a handkerchief or simply hands before sneezing. But most individuals do not bother and sneeze openly. This is most simple way of preventing the infection. Everybody should learn to cover their mouth before sneezing or coughing in home or in public places.

Cover Your Mouth

Children from early age should be taught this so that they follow it in their adulthood also. Young kids while playing with friends tend to sneeze openly close to their friends and end up spreading the infection they are suffering from. It is the role of the parents to avoid this.

Keep Body Resistance High

During the times of these infections it is important to keep ones immunity level high. These infections hit weaker bodies more. Body immunity can be increased or kept at good levels by healthy eating and timely sleep.

Along with food and sleep it is also essential to exercise on a regular basis to be able to keep body resistance high. It is helpful to prevent infections like strep throat by managing stress. Low level of stress strengthens the body and has the ability to fight infections and illness.

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Stop Smoking

Smoking should be stopped to prevent strep throat. Smoke irritates the throat to a large extent and makes it more prone to the bacterial infection, so it is better not to smoke and also not inhale others smoke to be able to stay from such infections.

Smoke also carries bacteria’s from one person to the other supporting in spread of the infection. It is required to minimize smoking when these infections are common in any neighbourhood. Or if it is very important to smoke then should be done alone and not pass it to anybody else and share the cigarette.

Avoid Going To Crowded Places

Infections like strep throat are more commonly caught in closed public places like movie theatres and shopping malls. These places have people already having infection and they move openly touching door knobs, handles, tables and chairs and spread the infection. Many people tend to sneeze openly when no one is watching them, not realizing they infecting the air.

So, it is best to stay away from crowded areas as much as possible so that you are able to prevent from being infected by the bacteria. Even children should avoid going to parks for playing when there are many cases of the infection known in the society.

Keep Home Disinfected

Essentially everyone keeps their home clean. It is important to keep it disinfected also. Only normal cleaning like sweeping and dusting and mopping does not disinfect your home. There are various disinfectants available in the market that should be used to clean the bathrooms and kitchen.

It helps to kill the germs developing and prevent infection from affecting anyone. It is also required to mop the flooring twice a day with disinfectant water to keep the floors clean at all times. Using good brand disinfectant is required for them to be effective.

Humidify Your Home

Humidify your home during the dry winter months or year-round if one lives in a dry climate. Moisture in the air or humidity helps keep the human mucous membranes moist and more resistant to bacteria. One can use a humidifier in the bedroom while he or she sleeps.

But use care if a person in the home has asthma or any other form of allergy, because particles that accumulate in the humidifier can make these conditions worse. It is required to clean humidifiers on a regular basis if you are using one for benefits, otherwise it would cause breathing problems.

Wash Clothes Separately

Wearing clean clothes is also important to prevent strep throat. The bacteria of strep throat spread from one person to the other through touchable things. Therefore everything should be disinfected before being used by someone who is not infected.

Clothes of infected patients should be washed separately to avoid spread of the infection to any other member of the family. Also while washing the clothes some liquid disinfectant available for the clothes is used then it kills the bacteria that could cause strep throat.

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