How To Prevent Vomiting

VomitingSuffering from a bad stomach ache or nausea is most likely to make you feel like throwing up. Vomiting can happen due to many reasons like indigestion, food poisoning, stomach upset, pregnancy and so on.

To prevent this feeling, there are many medicines and drugs, however, thankfully there are also some natural ways of prevention. Here is some useful information and tips that would help prevent you from vomiting. Interestingly, there are many foods that can help you in restricting vomiting or nauseated feeling.

Various Ways To Prevent Vomiting


Nausea that leads to vomiting can be prevented by the intake of liquids or soups. Ice cold drinks are known to work well too. Such foods help reduce the chances of dehydration and also settle your stomach. Fruit juices, ginger ale or electrolyte liquids like Pedialyte or Gatorade are beneficial too.

Fruit Juices

The sodium and potassium contents in the electrolyte drinks helps your body absorb the fluid quicker, in addition to giving you an energy boost. Drinks with sugar help greatly in calming a bad stomach. Acidic drinks like orange or grapefruit juice should be strictly avoided. Note that mixing both hot and cold foods can worsen nausea and cause vomiting. It is best to have either one of them and not both at the same time.


While suffering from nausea, bland foods are easy to digest. Try having some crackers that provide the required energy and nutrition for recovery.


Other bland foods like unsweetened cereal, plain bread, rice, dry toast or even plain baked potatoes have proven to be beneficial. However, it is best to avoid solid foods if you have already vomited and are trying to prevent it from happening again.

Bananas And Applesauce

To keep you from feeling very nauseous that may lead to vomiting, try mild tasting fruits such as bananas and applesauce. After 2 days, if they help your symptoms, you can begin to add other foods.


Try having these two fruits either cold or at room temperature and see what is the best option for you. Have these fruits along with other foods that are bland. This should boost your nutrition and give you the needed strength to fight off the nausea.

Keep Away Strong Odours

Strong odours and bad smells trigger the reflux to regurgitate leading to vomiting. As such avoid being in places that are smelly. In addition avoid foods that have a strong smell. Some people even feel nausea with the smell of certain perfumes, sanitary liquids, deodorants and so on. It’s better to stay away from them during this period.

Diet Regulations

Caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks must be strictly avoided. When you are nauseous, avoid foods that are spicy. Processed foods, foods that contain a lot of salt and greasy foods should be avoided. Foods like pastries, doughnuts, fried foods, chips, and many canned foods are a strict no-no.

Avoid Caffeine

Do not eat anything if you are having trouble digesting food. Eating in such a condition will only make it worse. You are very likely to be tired if you are suffering from a bad stomach. In such cases sleeping helps in temporarily soothing an upset stomach.

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