How To Prevent Depression

depressionDepression may be caused by some biological and environmental factors. The biological factors may be malfunctioning of a chemical substance present in the  brain called neurotransmitters, hormonal disorders, side effects of medications, genetic factors or prolonged illness. The environmental factors responsible for depression may be troubled relationships, failures, physical, mental or sexual abuse, conflicts, death or a major loss or any other socio-economic factor.

The most common early warnings of depression are frequent mood swings, feeling of despair, low self-esteem, emotional outbursts, self-hatred, tendency for self harm, insomnia, low sex drive and lack of appetite. Although we all go through similar phases in our life, the ability to move on helps us in returning to a normal and healthy life, which a depressed person is unable to do. However, if recognized at the inception, depression can be prevented to a large extent by following some effective and simple steps.

6 Excellent Ways To Prevent Depression

Relaxation Of The Body And Mind

While sitting idle may invite unwanted negative thoughts, trying to accomplish too much will definitely leave you stressed out and frustrated, especially when things remain incomplete. In office, we sometimes take up more responsibilities than we can handle, which is often compensated through missing out deadlines, overwork, skipping meals, insufficient sleep or having little time for the family and children.


All these can take a toll on our health or result in serious health issues like hypertension and depression. The same rule applies at home. Performing household chores from dawn till midnight, pleasing and catering to everyone’s demand for the thankless job of a homemaker can dissolve your self identity and leave you in anxiety. So stop that craving for earning more credit and share your responsibilities with others.

Adequate Exercise

Exercise has both psychological and physical benefits on people who are prone to depression. Although it is the last thing that comes to our mind, it should be incorporated as soon as we identify the early signs of depression. Exercise helps the brain in releasing neurotransmitters and endorphins, that enhances our feel-good spirit.


It reduces metabolic disorders and vascular diseases, apart from keeping us healthy and fit, and relaxing our body, mind and spirit. There is not much hard and fast rule about the exercise you should go for in order to avoid depression. You may start with simply walking, jogging, aerobics or exercises suggested by your gym instructor for depression, if you are a gym goer, or meditation or yoga. If you like dancing, this is another excellent way to beat depression.

Positive Thinking

Negativity is a vicious cycle. The more you get engrossed in it, the more it takes you in its grasp. A person who is in the verge of depression, stay preoccupied in a fictitious world of negativity, failures and pains and get peace through self-pity. Therefore, it is important to take control of the situation before things get out of hands. After all, when a person meets with an accident, we take him to the hospital for treatment, instead of speculating what will happen to his career and family.

stay positive

In other words, it does not make any sense, imaging like a loser and living in flashbacks. However, we are humans and it is impossible to avoid negative thoughts totally. Take a few deep breaths and take a look around you. The people who seem to be happy and content with themselves might have passed through the phase of extreme difficulties, and life may not be smooth selling, always as it is today. Don’t loose hope, as it will not help you, anyways. The future has so much to unleash, and who knows what happens next.

Mental Strength

The most devastating affect of depression is self-hatred when a person cease to think rationally and gets engulfed in a never ending inner war, and at times, does not even hesitate to go for self-harm . No matter what happens, you need to be at peace with yourself. Do not hold yourself solely responsible for everything that happens in the world, even if you were somehow associated with it. If required, talk to a family member or friend who can understand your situation.

Talk to family

It is also important to recognize your strengths. Even the most successful people have a few strengths and bundles of weakness. It is they who monetize on their strengths and accept their flaws with grace. It is also essential to unwind. Freak out, indulge yourself, catch up with family and friends, take up a hobby, get proper sleep, and most important, stop underestimating yourself. This will help you look into the whole situation with a new perspective, and come up with possible workarounds.

Healthy Diet

The food we take has a direct effect on our physical and mental health. Although there is no specific food for preventing or curing depression, a healthy diet would definitely aid in the treatment procedure. Moreover, it is obvious that if we fall ill due to an improper diet, it would certainly worsen our thought process and the level of anxiety.

Avoid Junk Foods

Select a diet which is rich in food values or nutrients i.e. diet with a good balance of irons, vitamins, proteins, minerals and essential fats. Avoid heavy meals and split it into smaller portions. Cut down on caffeine. Although it seems to provide relaxation to the brain and our body for a short while, it causes serious psychoactive effects and interferes with the chemistry of the brain.

Many people take to the path of drugs and alcohol which takes a toll on their health and interferes with their treatment procedure.

Courage And Maturity

Accept the truth as it is, and learn to move on and not hold back the things that are painful. We all think that the grass is greener on the other side. There are people in this world, engulfed in bigger issues. Think about the people who die of starvation, of street children who sleep on the pedestrians during a chilled night, of millions of people who die due to natural calamities every year.

Feel for them and you will soon realize that God has been more generous to you. Reach out to others who need your helping hand, lend your shoulder to someone who needs it to overcome their grief, spread a smile and people will smile back at you.

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