How To Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch MarksStretch marks occur during pregnancy due to the rapid stretching of the skin. They develop in the last trimester (the last three months) of pregnancy and are most commonly formed on breast, thighs, hips, lower back and bottom.

Stretch marks happen when the elasticity of the skin is not maintained properly. But for the beauty conscious,  it is imperative that they get rid o the stretch marks as soon as possible. The following are the top preventive measure against stretch marks.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks


One of the less known uses of water is that it drains out the toxic components from the body and that it keeps the skin cells brimming with health. Thus, drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is recommended.

Drink Water

The consumption of herbal tea (or any tea without caffeine) keeps the body hydrated and adds to the effect. Fruits and vegetables containing water like strawberries, cucumber and watermelon will reap the same good health harvest.


The skin’s elasticity is improved when diets which are skin healthy are consumed. Therefore, anti-oxidant rich food like spinach, berries and green leafy vegetables and fruits should be taken. Vitamin E, Vitamin A and omega 3 are other constituents which keep the skin healthy. So nuts, broccoli, seeds, carrots, squash, mango, fish, cod-liver oil and eggs should be included in the menu promptly.


The elasticity of the skin needs to be retained. This can be brought about through daily exercise which eases the circulation of the blood through the body. Stretches, simple short movements which are neither too exhaustive nor rigorous should be practised.

yoga Stretches

Pregnancy yoga (which is particularly good because it does not involve certain movements which are found troubling or uncomfortable during pregnancy) should be taken up after having learnt the procedure well.

Skin Treatment

A new and regular skin treatment regime should be incorporated such that the skin gains health and prevents itself against stretch marks. A common treatment includes dry brushing such that exfoliation is caused and the blood circulation is improved. This is done using brushes made of dry smooth natural fibres.

skin Treatment

The brushing should be done mostly on the thighs, buttocks and should eventually move up towards the heart. Experts confirm that the breasts should be spared for their skin is tender. Body washes should be used after ensuring that they are bereft of sulphates which cause the skin to grow dry. For cleansing purposes, natural oils (like coconut) are highly recommended.

Weight Gain

Stretch marks come into being when a lot of weight in gained in very little time. Thus, if the weight gain is gradual, the chances of ending up with stretch marks becomes very slim. For instance, doubling the amount of food intake due to pregnancy is not a good idea. The mother needs to intake more food, but lines need to be drawn even there.

Loss excess weight

The doctor should be consulted on the suggested calorie intake and accordingly the diet should be fixed. Try to follow a proper diet chart so that there is no abrupt gain or loss in weight.

Stretch marks acquired during pregnancy are considered auspicious by many. Some claim that they are a reminder of the origin of one’s parenthood. After all they are neither even remotely a disease nor do they cause trouble.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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