How To Prevent Cervical Cancer

Cervical CancerThere are various major disease an individual fights against and many a times it makes an individual attain death. Out of the dangerous diseases, cancer is an unwanted and a horrifying disease an individual can get and there are not many cures of it. Cervical cancer, affects a person around the abdomen area and is very harmful. The inferior portion of the uterus is known as cervix and the baby grows towards the upper side.

The scabbard and the uterus is interlinked by a tube known as cervix and the area where the various cells come in contact and is very prone to the cancer is the transformation zone. The cells whether squamous or adenocarcinomas, which form a boundary towards the cervix are prone to cancer and these cells tend to evolve the signs of cancer.

The zone is mainly covered with the cells which tend to create problems one in a hundred women tends to get the signs of cancer. For some women it might not take time to evolve cancer while other women may get cured in their initial stage. The cancer is a magnificent growth of tumor taking place in the cervical area and the most prominent sign of the cancer is unusual loss of blood through vagina.

The secretions of the uterus can be used as the sample to detect the occurrence of cancer and few screening camps can prevent the cancer from taking place. The HPV contamination creates an evolvement of this cancer and proper systemized routine checkups of pap smear should be made. There are various cures to prevent cancer in our lives and they are:-

Preventions For Cervical Cancer

Adoption Of Having Secure Sex

Sexual intercourse is a necessity of an individual and should be practiced very securely. The HPV virus is the main reason behind the cancer and this virus can be transferred through a sexual intercourse. In sex even if there is no intercourse, it can cause the contamination due to a direct epidermis of the people.

Secure Sex

The usage of condoms has decreased the rate of transfer of HPV virus between a male and a female and people who avoid intercourse have no chances of being affected with disease being caused due to an intercourse. A secured sexual intercourse helps in prevention of pregnancy and the diseases being caused due to the germs. To an extent safe sex is helpful, but it helps in the decrement of such types of diseases.

Routine Check Ups

A routine checkup is very important for any kind of problem and for the prevention of the upcoming problem. A routine check up of the secretions by the uterus is very important since it minimizes the danger. This test helps in overcoming and makes us aware of the abnormalities towards the cervix and the presence of cancer. A test of pap smear depends highly on the female and it varies from one to another.

Check Allergic Conditions

The test is done by the speculum and the doctor tends to accumulate certain cells and phlegm from the vagina. This test is effective since it helps to get information about the presence of the HPV, the cancerous cell and a proper testing of the abdomen gives the information about the ovaries, uterus etc. A follow up with the physician is important in case of any abnormalities faced and every female amidst the age of twenty to sixty five should get their tests done.


Since vaccination helps people to get away from diseases and also prevents the occurrence of it, henceforth it is important. Since HPV is easily transferred during a sexual intercourse, therefore proper protection should be taken.


There are vaccines which protect from genital problems like, the gardasil and cervarix vaccine should be given to girls aged eleven to thirteen before they indulge into sexual activities and over a period of half year it is recommended to be given three times. A female who has been vaccinated should be regular with routine checkups and it overcomes the problem to the extent of ninety percent.

Smoking Effects

Smoking is very injurious to ones health and its well being. Cigarettes are commonly known as the sticks of cancer and leads to a cancer towards the throat and cervix both. People who tend to smoke have chances of an increase in the contamination and HPV along with smoking leads to raise the chances of cervical cancer to a great extent.

Quit Smoking

The tobacco present in the cigarettes can lead to the increment in the cells of the cancer and might lead to a development. Firstly, tobacco reacts well towards HPV and secondly due to smoking the contaminated cells tends to cause a DNA deterioration. Smoking fastens the growth of the cells which cause cancer and it should be completely abstained from.

Adoption Of Confined Number Of Sex Partners

The women, who are prone to such a cancer, are the women who tend to sleep with many people. There are numerous people within whom the HPV is present and coming in contact with them creates a problem. When a lady sleeps with many men she tends to get the highly transferable disease very fast and the lady puts herself at a great risk of the virus.

Since the count of contaminated people increase with the count of male members and the contamination increases. If the number of partners are limited, then the female gets less occupied with people who are contaminated and sometimes it is possible to develop the cancerous cells even with one man. Education towards these activities is very important as it educates and gives them knowledge regarding the protection, how to communicate etc.

Strong Immune System

The female should develop a strong immunity system by eating fresh and juicy fruits and green leafy vegetables. A feeble immunity system raises the chances of cancer which includes cervical cancer as well.

Juicy Fruit

A person affected with HIV or are into medications, they tend to have a higher chance of developing cancer. A strong and wholesome system prevents the body from cancer and the abnormalities.

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