How To Cure Headache

HeadacheHeadaches are really painful and can cause a lot of discomfort. They can range anywhere from uncomfortable to excruciating pain which can hinder daily life tasks that is either work or other extracurricular activities. Taking pills to reduce headache is not at all a wise solution rather curing it through natural effective ways is much beneficial and safer.

Some natural ways can be really more effective than others so it is up to you to decide which natural remedy works for you the best. To cure a headache completely there are various effective natural ways which are simpler, safer and are easy to follow.

Effective Ways To Cure Headache

Drink Plenty Of Water And Fluids

Another important thing that you need to do in order to cure headaches is to drink plenty of water and fluids and keep yourself hydrated all the time. Water is the best fluid that you need to drink in intervals all through the day.

Drink of Fluids

Avoid drinking caffeine drinks as it can trigger really bad headaches. If you are a caffeine addict make sure that you control its consumption in order to keep away from regular headache attacks.

Maintain A Proper Balanced Diet

fresh fruits and vegetables

One of the best remedies to cure headache is to maintain a proper balanced diet. By eating a variety of healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins, you can get the proper balance of nutrients that will help keep your body healthy and well hydrated and this will prevent and minimise and cure headache attacks.

Sleep Well And Avoid Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause really bad headache attacks. So it is important that you should know how control stress and anxiety and lead a more relaxed life. The most important thing that you need to do in order to reduce stress and anxiety and cure headaches is to have a good sleep every night.

Sleep Well

It is important that you get 8 hours of sleep every night. If you do not sleep properly then your body gives up and you generally get headache attacks. You can even relax in dark, quiet rooms in order to get relief from acute headache. So try to lead a relaxed life in order to cure headaches.

Do Exercise, Yoga And Meditation Daily

The positive aspects of a doing daily exercise, yoga or meditation is of immense value. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and thus prevents regular headaches. Even doing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises everyday for at least half an hour helps to cure headaches completely.


Always make sure that you never over exercise. If you notice that during or after each workout, you have a headache, then it means that you are getting too much dehydrated and that is causing the headache. So make sure that you do not overdo anything that has an anti effect on your body.

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Do Brisk Walking Every Morning


Going outdoors every morning for brisk walking and breathing some fresh air is very effective for curing headaches. Doing a brisk walk early in the morning for 30-40 minute helps to lower stress levels and also boosts natural pain-killing chemicals known as endorphins and thereby helps to cure headaches.

Try To Avoid Artificial Light If Possible

Try and avoid artificial lights, especially the lights which come out from the electronic screens. The light that comes out from computer and TV screens can cause bad headaches which are really nagging and staring at the screen for hours generally worsens headache so try and avoid this screen light as much as possible in order to reduce headaches.

Acupressure Massage To Cure Headaches

Acupressure Massage

Acupressure massage is an ancient healing art that can give a lot of relief during acute headache. For headaches you can use your thumb and index finger to massage the flesh between your hand’s thumb and index finger. Massage gently in circular motions as it is very effective to reduce acute headache and gives you a lot of relief.

Never Give Long Hours Of Gap Between Meals

Sometimes giving long gaps in between meals or skipping meals due to work pressure or other activities can lead to severe headache. No matter how busy you are, always remember to eat at least if not full meals then at least some light snacks every 3-4 hours so that there is no long gaps between meals. If you even eat small quantity at regular intervals that would help you maintain proper health conditions and keep you away from severe headaches.

If you follow these useful ways then it is guaranteed that you would be able to prevent as well can cure severe headaches effectively.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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