How To Cure Constipation

ConstipationNothing can be more irritable than a constipated you! Just imagine, going to office or carrying out your daily chores when you are constipated to the core! Constipation can make you lethargic, promote indigestion and give you headaches. You are suffering from constipation if you have less than three bowel movements every week. Often a sedentary lifestyle, stress, improper eating habits or an underlying medical condition can be the main causes of constipation. Luckily, we have a few useful tips for you on how to cure constipation.

Top Tips To Cure Constipation

Dietary Changes

Poor eating habits can be responsible for constipation. For this, you need to increase your fiber intake. Include foods with soluble fiber in your daily diet. You can get lots of fiber by consuming fruits, vegetables and whole grains like prunes, apples, squash, broccoli, carrots, beans, cereals and whole grain breads.

Dietary Changes

Make sure that you avoid fruits and vegetables rich in iron as this can aggravate constipation. Avoid foods with high fat content, like fried snacks, fast food, red meat and dairy products. An ideal diet that will cure constipation must include at least 25 gm of fiber per day, with minimum four servings of vegetables and fruits.

Stick To The Right Fluids

As they say, drinking eight glasses of water daily keeps your body well hydrated. However, people tend to substitute water with soda, carbonated drinks or caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea.


This can dehydrate you and cause constipation. Make sure you switch to drinking water and pure fruit juice. This will restore your body fluids, keep you well hydrated and eliminate constipation.

Exercise Matters


An hour of regular exercise each day will stimulate healthy bowel movements. Besides keeping you physically fit, exercise ensures an active digestive system that will keep constipation at bay. Recommended exercises are brisk walking, jogging, cycling, kickboxing and swimming.

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Natural Laxatives

Laxatives bought over the counter must not be consumed regularly. Such overuse can lead to dependency and chronic constipation. Using natural laxatives containing flax seeds, oatmeal or aloe vera  is a better option.


These are highly effective in regulating bowel movements without any side effects. Or better still, add flax seeds and oatmeal to smoothies, cookies and cakes. You can buy these at organic food stores or local health stores.

Avoid Bathroom Blues

Do not be embarrassed to go to the bathroom if you are at office or in a public place. Controlling bowel movements disturbs the natural rhythm of your digestive system. This can make your stools hard and difficult to pass. A better idea would be to toilet train your bowels. This sounds funny and mostly appropriate for toddlers, but works equally good for adults too. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and go to the bathroom, sit there for some time, trying to pass stools.

You may not be successful initially, but eventually you are signaling your body to regulate your bowel movements. Note that all the above mentioned tips must be incorporated together into your daily regimen, in order to cure constipation. In spite of following these tips for over a month, if you still suffer from constipation, it signals something serious enough for you to see a doctor.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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