5 Essential Diet Tips For Teenagers

Diet Tips For TeenagersTeenagers gauge their self-worth from the way they look. It is the age when they want to look their best, wear trendy clothes and have fun. It is also the time when they are growing up fast and the body need the best of nutrition for healthy growth.

Over the decades, teens are increasingly falling prey to junk diets and turning obese. This forces them to resort to various dieting and starving techniques. Instead, teach your teen to follow a healthy diet which will help them maintain their weight in a natural way. The best diet you can provide them should be a right balance of nutrients.

Diet Tips For Teenagers

Protein Rich Food

Proteins are most essential for the  growth of the body tissues and muscles. Teenagers should consume plenty of protein rich foods throughout the day. Lean meats, beans, eggs and poultry are excellent sources of proteins. Nuts are rich sources of proteins. Munch on them whenever you feel hungry. Have peanut butter sandwiches for snacks. In essence, get as much protein as you can for your fast growing body.

 And Milk Products

A good supply of calcium is essential for your body as the bones are growing fast and you want them to be stronger. A low calcium intake can result in fractures when you play that soccer game! Increase your daily dairy consumption.


Have a glass of skimmed low-fat milk twice a day. Add low-fat cheese to your sandwiches and sprinkle it over your food. Yogurt is rich in calcium and is good for your digestion. It is also very low in calories. Have lots of yogurt everyday.

Have Fresh Vegetables

Teenagers, it does sound boring, but vegetables are really healthy for you. They offer you a balanced nutrition in the form of essential vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your body.

Have Fresh Vegetables

They also provide lots of fibre that helps in proper digestion and absorption of food. Eat at least 3 servings of a mix of different vegetables everyday. You can eat them raw or cooked. Eat lot of salads made with cucumber, beetroot, carrots and broccoli, etc. Check out the glow on your skin after following this regimen for a week!

Eat Lots Of Fresh Fruits

Fruits contain all the vitamins your body needs to grow well, and they give you a great glow too! Have plenty of vitamin C rich fruits like oranges, strawberries and kiwis. Include at least 4 servings of different fruits in your daily diet.

Eat Lots Of Fresh Fruits

Eat a fruit salad combining various fruits like melons, mangoes and bananas. Watch the fibre and vitamins doing wonders to your body! You can also have unsweetened fresh fruit juices and fruit smoothies.

Restrict Sugar Intake

Sugar feeds the disease causing microbes in your body. Too much of sugar intake leads to many health issues. It causes tooth decay, a pimply face due to excessive oil secretion on your skin, dull skin, apart from weight gain. So, just resist the temptation of reaching out for sugary sweets all the time.Have them sparingly and substitute with honey whenever possible. Honey is a great cleanser for your skin and body in general.

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