How To Cure An Ulcer

UlcerUlcers are dreaded by people of any age group. If you do not attend to them on time these ulcers can take a serious turn and turn fatal for your life. Ulcers are the lesions that erupt on your skin lining the internal organs. It can also occur externally in case of cuts and wounds. ulcers mainly occur around the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.

There can be skin ulcers too. Now it is not easy to treat an ulcer completely using home remedies but you can try out a few well recommended remedies that can be  done at your home. In this article we bring to you a list of home remedies that can  be done in case of ulcers.

Ways To Cure Ulcer

Have A Proper Meal

When you have an ulcer you will find it difficult to digest food products. So you need to stay on a specially made diet plan that will help in healing the ulcers too. Begin you  day with a breakfast comprising of 1 cup of melon in red or green. You may be required to take Glutamine capsules and Cayenne capsules.

If so, do so only under the recommendation of a doctor for lunch you can have  a backed sweet potato of medium size. For dinner you can have yogurt and cereals. This diet plan is not easy to follow but it will help in healing the ulcers to a certain extent. This treatment is used if you have an ulcer in your digestive tract.

Have Salads In Good Amount

Have Salads In Good Amount
Eating raw vegetables in the form of salads will help in curing mouth ulcers. You can eat a lot of cabbages and onions. Onions are rich in sulphur content and this will help in curing the mouth ulcer.

Have Dairy Products

Dairy products are good in case of peptic ulcers as dairy products contain bacteria that aid the digestive tract. It can help in reducing the ulcers.

diary Products

So you can include a lot of dairy products in the form of cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese. You need to avoid sharp edged products such as chips and cookies. Also avoid protein based food products such as fish, meat and eggs.

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Apply Aloe Vera On Your Skin

Aloe Vera gel
As mentioned earlier ulcers can also appear on your skin. So you can apply ointments in the form of Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is known for its antibiotic properties and this will help in reducing the ulcer spot.

Use Calendula Paste Or Cream

Calendula also known as pot marigold that has deep yellow and orange flowers is best known for its skin remedies. it is very effective in case of  minor cuts, burns and ulcers.

Calendula cream

Calendula blossoms contain antibacterial as well as antiviral properties that soothe inflammation together with wound healing. So if you have an ulcer or any opening on your skin you can make a paste out of these flower petals and apply it directly over your skin. Alternately you can purchase skin creams or ointments that contain Calendula in its composition. You can combine it with Emu Oil for better results.

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