6 Wonderful Home Remedies For Wounds

WoundsWounds are a part of life. Be it just a scratch or a grievous wound most of us have had it sometimes or the other. It is almost impossible to avoid wounds, but it is possible to take care of them by yourself. However, this is only when the wound is small in size and gravity. A gashing wound needs to be treated with medicine.

For grievous injuries surgery is the only option. But for minor ones you do not need to go to the doctor. Such wounds can be taken care of at home. There are elements at your kitchen cupboard which can help you to heal thyself. Wounds can be of two types – infected and non-infected. You can take antibiotic medicines for infected wounds, but home remedies can as well take care of these. Let us look at some of the home remedies for wounds.

Home Remedies For Wounds

Heal The Wound

The first step in treating wounds is to stop the bleeding. When you have a cut or a scratch the area starts bleeding. This can be stopped by elevating the bleeding area above the level of the heart, if you can not lay your hands on anything. You can also stop bleeding by applying pressure on the bleeding. You can do it with a clean piece of cloth. You can also use coffee. It has been seen that coffee can stop bleeding quite effectively and in quite a short time. Coffee helps blood to clot.



If you have tincture of iodine at home it is sufficient to kill any infection that may have invaded the wound. Iodine is able to kill bacteria and virus.

Wash The Wound

Now the next step is to wash the wound so that it does not get infected. You can use a soap to clean the wound. However, putting the wound under running water is a very good method. It can wash off many of the impurities, dirt and infectious agents.


Onion is a very good antibacterial agent. You can use it to fight infections. For using onion crush half an onion, blend it in the blender and now apply it directly on the wound. Let it stay there for at least an hour. Now wash off. It will draw out any infection.


Garlic is not only antibiotic, it is also a great healer of wounds and an anti-inflammatory element. It has been seen that applying some garlic paste on the wound can heal the wound fast.

Garlic Cloves

So take two cloves of garlic and blend it in the blender. Now smear it on the wound. This will stop any remnant of bleeding and prevent infection.


Honey is a great antibiotic and anti-inflammatory natural agent. It has been used traditionally to treat infectious wounds. Honey also has another special property; it can draw out water form inflamed tissues. So after washing the wound dab some honey on it and put a gauge on it. Now bandage the wound. This will heal the wound rapidly.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.