How To Cure A UTI Problem

UTI ProblemUTI or urinary tract infection is a disease that is caused in the urinary system of your body comprising the kidneys, colon, bladder and genitals. UTI often goes unnoticed as just another symptom but there can be severe complications if you do not attend to it on time.

UTI is caused by bacteria mainly E coli so it is very necessary to cure it on time as bacteria multiplies very fast and can lead to very painful situations. There are homely ways to treat UTI before moving on to a medical cure. In this article we bring to you a list of homely remedies that you can take as first mode of treatment on how to cure UTI. So read on.

Ways To Cure UTI

Effective Cleaning And Hygiene

As the urinary tract contains micro organisms  for various purposes, it is very necessary to keep it clean always.  Always wash yourself thoroughly after visiting the toilet.Especially women must wash themselves properly after going to the loo. Proper cleaning will help in keeping the harmful E coli at bay.

Effective Cleaning And Hygiene

Always take a proper bath. Use good anti septic soaps while washing your genitals. Women should be cleaner during their monthly periods as it requires more hygiene. Avoid sharing towels and siting around in wet towels. Change your under garments twice in a day and wear cotton under garments as it helps in air circulation.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water will help in flushing out the toxic wastes. in case of UTI water will help in removing the harmful micro organisms from the urinary tract. You need to drink water only and hot tea and avoid coffee.

Drink Plenty of water

You can take cranberry juice as it is very effective in removing toxins. Besides it also prevents E coli from getting into the uterine lining.  But you should be careful to take it in moderate amounts.

Eat Properly

A proper diet will help in building immunity against infections. You need to take good amounts of food rich in anti oxidants. eat citrus fruits more such as oranges, lemon etc. When your blood in rich in anti oxidants it provides a hostile environment for E coli to survive.

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Do Not Hold Back Urine

If you feel like going to the toilet do not hold it back for a long time. Holding back the urine will stimulate the microbes to grow faster as it provides the environment required for their breeding.

Do Not Hold Back Urine

There can be side effects in the form of stomach pain or contractions. A UTI can turn into nephritis or kidney infection. This is more in case of accumulating urine in the bladders.

Practice safe sexual practices- As UTI is directly related with your genitals you need to be extra careful while engaging in sexual practices if you are already suffering from it. It can spread very easily through the body fluids leading to dreadful diseases. It can also worsen the existing condition. So you need to practice safe sex. For women you should avoid using scented creams and soaps around your pelvic area. Avoid douching and using tampon. These will aggravate your condition.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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