How Does Yoga Help In Diabetes Prevention

DiabetesDiabetes is a medical condition that is characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels in the person affected by it. This is caused by insulin abnormalities in the blood of an individual, owing to one or more of a number of underlying causal factors such as genetic vulnerability, stagnant lifestyle, aberrant hormonal action, stress, etc.

Diabetes is of 4 types. Type 2 diabetes, which is mostly caused due to a faulty lifestyle, can be controlled or prevented to a large extent by exercising the body well and secondly by eating a diabetic-friendly diet. Yoga exercises are one of the most effective exercises for countering diabetes. They should be done regularly and under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Benefits Of Yoga Exercises For Diabetics

Improves Blood Circulation

Diabetics, typically, have blood circulation problems. Yoga exercises improve the circulation of blood in the body by improving muscular flexibility.

Initiates Active Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is found to be the root cause of the occurrence of diabetes. Yoga exercises energize the human body by encouraging oxygen intake by systematic breathing.

Active Lifestyle

This energy helps in calming the mind and motivates the person practicing yoga to take up an active lifestyle and gain better control over his/her diet and follow a healthy lifestyle, which is very important for diabetics.

Burns Excess Blood Glucose

Performing yoga exercises helps in burning the excess blood glucose of diabetics( as glucose is required for supplying energy to the body for performing yoga exercises), thereby saving them from all the dangers caused by such high glucose levels in their bodies.

Encourages Positive Thinking

Yoga Meditation helps in promoting positive thinking. Positive thinking in turn calms the mind and saves a person from emotional stress, anxiety and depression, which are one of the most dangerous causal factors of diabetes.

Counters The Ill-Effects Of Stress

Stress is a killer and diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases it can cause. Yoga not only controls the high blood sugar levels caused due to stress, but also reduces the levels of adrenaline, nor-adrenaline and cortisol in the blood, and also restores the insulin levels and functioning to normalcy.


Stress also has an adverse effect on the digestive system resulting in abnormal blood glucose levels. Yoga improves digestive health, thereby controlling the levels of blood glucose. The increase in flexibility of the blood vessels, caused by assuming different yoga postures, also helps in regulating the blood glucose levels of the body as these cells are better resourced with glucose-consuming agents such as oxygen.

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Improves Pancreatic Health

The pancreas produces insulin and its malfunctioning results in diabetes. Hence, maintaining the health of this important endocrine gland and digestive organ is vital. Pranayama helps in eliminating toxins from the pancreas, whereas certain other yoga exercises stimulate this organ by methodically pressing it.

Maintains Optimum Blood Pressure

Maintains Optimum Blood Pressure
Yoga exercises help in maintaining optimum blood pressure in the body. This, in turn, makes controlling blood sugar easier in the body.

Facilitates Better Muscle Insulin Reception

Yoga relaxes the muscles and different cells of the human body and facilitates better transportation of blood and oxygen to them. The muscles, thus invigorated, are in a state to receive insulin better for better utilization of the glucose in accumulated in them.

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