13 Home Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief

It is not very often that we are faced with an aching tooth. So most of us tend to treat it as a simple pain that would eventually go away. However, the truth is that toothache can give you a nightmare and the pain can be unbearable if the infection is particularly severe.


Eventually, one might have to see a dentist and proper treatments meted out for removing the infection that actually causes the ache. In the meanwhile, there are many home remedies that can be used for treating toothache and relieving yourself of the pain and discomfort.

Remedies For Toothache Pain Relief

Ice cubes

Using an ice cube over the aching tooth helps in numbing the area and also in masking the pain, even though this is a temporary solution until you can see a dentist. This must be avoided if the toothache is caused due to sensitivity to cold. Ice cubes can be tried on pressure points as well for relief.

Take an ice cube and identify the pressure point between the thumb and the forefinger, the area shaped like ‘V’ where the joints of the two fingers meet. Rub the ice over this area for 5-7 minutes. This helps in relieving the toothache.

ice cubes


The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial action of garlic helps in destroying the concentration of bacteria that is present in and around the affected teeth and help reduce the inflammation and the  toothache.

Take a clove of garlic and bite on it with your affected tooth. This will release the allicin, which is the active compound in garlic, and prevent as well as control further pain and infection.


Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract too is a great remedy for toothache. Take some vanilla extract and apply on the infected tooth. Leave your mouth open so that the vanilla extract dried out and the effect stays on the tooth, relieving the toothache. Apply several times to relieve the pain.

Vanilla Extract


Vicks is an effective home remedy not just for headaches and colds, but also for toothache. Apply the Vicks Vaporub on the jaw area where the tooth that is infected is located. Rub gently so that the skin absorbs the Vicks and helps in relieving the pain. The tingling as well as the numbing sensation that is released by the Vicks will help in masking the pain.

Vicks also turns the area hot and this will improve blood circulation as well. Lie down with the side where the tooth is located slightly pressed on the pillow. This pressure too helps in controlling the pain and also in aiding you to get into a deep sleep.

Vicks Vaporub

Tea bags

The tannic acid in the tea bag helps in relieving the swelling in the surrounding gums and also in relieving the pain. Place a hot tea bag near the tooth and bite gently to release the tea into the affected area. The procedure is a popular one and is known to give instant relief from toothache.

Tea Bags


A slice of potato too can help control tooth pain. The anti inflammatory properties of potato lie in the fact that they can absorb excess moisture and remove inflammations that could be causing the toothache.

Take a small slice and bite on it. Allow it to remain there until it starts turning dry. Take a fresh slice and repeat the procedure until the toothache is well under control.



Pepper powder has many anti bacterial as well as inflammation reducing properties that can help with a tooth ache. Take 1/4th teaspoon of pepper powder and add salt to this. Make it into a paste and apply on the tooth cavity if it is infection that is giving you the pain. This will immediately bring the pain under control and remove the infection and bacteria as well.


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Wheatgrass helps in removing the toxins out from the area of pain and hence can be used for treating toothache. The juice of wheatgrass can be used as a mouthwash, which can be used frequently for rinsing the mouth.

Chewing wheatgrass directly is a better and more effective remedy as this will immediately remove the bacteria and the toxins from the site and put a full stop to your toothache.



Cloves has anti bacterial as well as analgesic properties. Take a clove and bite on it so that the active ingredient that helps in controlling the pain , ‘eugenol’ is slowly released into the teeth and prevent pain. The bacteria and other germs too will be removed with application of clove oil. Dip a cotton bud in the oil and apply on the teeth for relief from symptoms.



The sulphur in onions are known to be healing and the antibacterial properties of onions when combined together give great relief for the person from tooth pain as well as infection.

Take a slice of onion and chew it in your mouth. Onions are known to remove all the bacteria in the mouth, just with 3-4 minutes of chewing.



A piece of lime can be bitten on and left there until the pain subsides. This is an age-old grandma’s remedy that has been in practice for several generations together. The citric acid in lemon reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria and the vitamin C in lemon also acts on the immune system, thereby removing the infection naturally and faster.



Known to be a tooth friendly spice, asafoetida destroys bacteria in the site and removes tooth pain. Take lemon juice and asafoetida and form a paste. Warm it in a low flame. Mix well and leave a thick coat on the affected tooth.


Guava leaf

The leaves of guava tree are known to remove bacteria from the mouth. Take a leaf and chew it in your mouth for a few minutes. Repeat all throughout the day. A handful of guava leaves can be used for boiling along with two cups of water and the water can be used as a mouth wash for treating and controlling tooth pain and tooth decay.

Guava Leaves

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.