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HerniaHernia is a condition in which the inside membrane of the abdomen wall gets so weakened that it bulges up and sometimes tear up. This condition is followed by painful experiences for the sufferer. But there are some efficient natural ways to get better results in curing hernia, and some of them are listed below.

The Best Effective Natural Cure for Hernia

Diaphragmatic Breathing

The first step to alleviate the pain of hernia is by teaching your body to relax. For this exercise first of all you need to lie down in a comfortable area. Then you need to bend down your knees and pull your legs closer to the buttocks. The next step is to put your hands over your abdomen with a light grip. Next is to breathe-in while slowly putting pressure over your abdomen.

When you can’t inhale more slowly let the air out through your mouth and also relax the pressure over your abdomen simultaneously. Repeat this process. This type of systematic breathing helps you to get relaxed and in turn makes your body physically strong. Also it helps in relieving the mental pressure.

Intake of Water

The pattern of intake of water is another factor which can help you a lot in easing of the pain. Do not take water during the meal but half an hour before and after the meal. It has a positive effect on your digestive pattern and that in turn decreases the burning sensation of your body.

Take Juices to be Healthy

Raw juices of both fruits and vegetables help a lot in effective reduction of the symptoms of Hernia. They contain vitamin A and calcium which helps in lessening the pain of hernia.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is one of the most commonly taken drinks. Another effective drink is to have fresh tomato juice with a pinch of pepper and salt especially during early morning.


The thick and sticky gruel of rice when mixed with buttermilk proves to be a very effective natural cure for hernia. A ripe banana can also be taken with this mixture. It should be taken twice daily to avoid the symptoms related to indigestion and burning sensation.

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Elevating the Bed

Another effective reduction of symptoms of hernia can be obtained by this method. The head side of the bed when elevated helps in proper breakdown of the taken food thus helping with proper digestion.

Take Rest to Get Better

sit in a straight posture

Patients suffering from hernia should be very cautious after in taking of a meal. Do not go for any sudden exhausting activity immediately after having your meal. Rather take some rest after your meal and sit in a straight posture.

Losing of Weight

If you are suffering from hernia and you are overweight then those two makes the deadliest combo for your body. So the first step is to reduce your body weight effectively. But remember not to go for any rigorous exercises or diet pattern. Rather reducing your weight by natural ways like walking and light exercise.

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