Effective Diet Remedies For Hiatus Hernia

Hernia is one of the commonly noticed ailments in the middle aged people. Hernia creates a lot of difficulties in doing daily activities, bending, lifting up heavy objects etc. Severe pain and burning sensations in the abdominal region of the body is the main symptom for the disease.

Hiatus Hernia

There are different types of hernias like indirect inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, strangulated hernia, hiatus hernia and so on and each of them is caused due to different reasons. Hiatus hernia is a type of hernia which can be noticed in people of any sex and age group. There are several effective diet remedies in the case of hernia and some of them are mentioned below.

Diet Remedies For Hernia

Intake of water should be avoided along with each meal. The patient can drink water an hour after having the meals or an hour before having the meals. Precaution should be taken in drinking water as this can increase the overall load of the stomach which may create more complications to the ailment.


Having numerous small meals instead of heavy meals can be helpful in curing the problem of hiatus hernia. Food items should be chewed well which will be helpful in the easier digestion as well as reducing the rate of intake of food items.

Smaller Meals

Including fresh fruits and fruit juices can be useful in the treatment for hernia. The diet of the patient should be enriched with food items like seeds, nuts, vegetables, cereals etc. This can help in curing the problems of hiatus hernia.

Fruits juices

Food stuffs like white bread, sugar, biscuits etc. should be strictly avoided as these food items ca lead to worsening of the disease. Eating small diets rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats can be useful in the treatment for hiatus hernia.

White bread

Carrot juice is found to be very valuable in curing the problems of hiatus hernia as the carrots are rich in calcium and Vitamin A. Other vegetable juices like tomato juice are considered to be useful in the treatment of hiatus hernia. Having about 200 ml of fresh tomato juice along with a little of salt and pepper is an excellent diet remedy in the case of hiatus hernia.

Carrot Juice

Following a diet of rice can be regarded as an excellent remedy in curing the problems of hiatus hernia. A healthy diet of a cup of cooked rice along with a cup of homely prepared buttermilk can be used in the treatment for hernia. Having a ripe banana along with this diet can be regarded as a useful diet remedy for hiatus hernia.


Avoid consuming hot drinks and food items as this can worsen the ailment. Always allow the hot drinks to cool a little before consuming and moreover the drinks should be taken slowly. Strong food items like tea, coffee, carbonated beverages, pickles etc. should be strictly avoided as these food stuffs can worsen the disease. The affected should completely avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as a part of the treatment for hiatus hernia. Consuming a diet rich in fibrous food items can be considered excellent in curing the problems of hiatus hernia.

Hot Drink

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