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Lower Cholesterol LevelCholesterol is very important for many of our body functions. It is a fat lipid produced by the liver.

Its main role is to build and maintain cell membranes, to help produce bile and sex hormones. It is essential for the metabolism of fat soluble vitamins and insulation of nerve fibers.

The sunshine that the body absorbs is converted into vitamin D by it. On the other hand if the level of cholesterol increases in the body it can be very dangerous.

It leads to narrowing of the arteries as a result of which the blood supply gets disrupted or blocked causing pain in the chest, and heart attack. It is most imperative to maintain cholesterol levels. It can also cause diseases of the blood vessels. These simple tips will help reduce cholesterol levels and keep it under check.

Natural Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Level

Walnut The Caretaker Of Your Heart

Walnuts are delicious to eat. A very small amount of walnuts can give you large quantities of nutrition. They contain healthy fats such as omega-6 and omega-3 fats which promote heart health and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Cholesterol level

It is rich in fibre and proteins. They play a significant role in reducing cholesterol. Every morning eat at least eight halves of walnuts before your tea or coffee.

Reduce Cholesterol With Olives And Olive Oil

Olives are full of essential nutrients like vitamins minerals proteins and fibre. They stop the oxidation of lipoproteins, thus preventing cholesterol from settling in the blood vessels.

They are high in monounsaturated fats. Eat eight to ten pickled olives every day Olives can be included in all your vegetable and salad preparations. Use olive oil instead of ghee or any other oil to prepare food.


Onion is the oldest and most common vegetable used widely throughout the world. It is rich in sulfides and sulfoxides. It is high in flavonoids which protect against cardiovascular disease.

Reduce cholesterol level

The sulfides in it lower blood lipids. It is rich in health promoting phytochemicals and very successful in fighting bacteria. Grate a medium sized onion. Squeeze to extract the juice. Drink this every morning. Eat one raw onion every day with your mid-day meal. Your cholesterol will decrease.

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Soy is becoming more and more popular because of its manifold health benefits. It is extremely rich in nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre. Its main constituents are phytochemicals such as isoflavones and polyphenols which are very beneficial to health.

Substitute soy product like tofu for meat and paneer. Use soy milk and soy yogurt instead of regular milk. Soy intake will minimize the risk of heart diseases, reduce cholesterol and prevent it from accumulating in the arteries.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are high in energy, minerals, vitamins and phenolic antioxidants. They are an exceptionally rich source of calcium and folic acid.

Cholesterol level

Their monounsaturated fatty acids reduce the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol. They discourage artery diseases. Roast 250 grams of sesame seeds and store in a jar. Eat two to three teaspoons every day any time during the day.

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