10 High Cholesterol Foods You Must Avoid

Everyone knows the oohs and aahs about high blood cholesterol. As an important steroid lipid, cholesterol which when present in excess can cause serious harm to your body and also pose problems for you weight. The risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disorders increases with the increase in cholesterol levels of blood.

Cholesterol Foods

A well balanced diet with moderate exercises would help you reduce blood cholesterol and lose weight. Also, watchful eating is important as these small steps taken would show significant changes in your health and burn that fat.

Here are the 10 cholesterol rich foods you must stay away from if you want to avoid heart diseases and go from fat to flat.

Cholesterol Foods To Avoid


Probably the most criticized and avoided food among obese and hypercholesterolemic patients; butter is something like a silent killer, making your heart conditions graver, causing more cholesterol deposition on the inner lining of the arteries.

Substituting butter with margarine is a healthier option. Cut down on your consumption of deep fried and buttered foods and turn to baked foods.


Egg yolk

One of the most debated topics of the decade, the egg yolk is rich in fats that do have good effects on your body. However, consuming eggs daily can be risky for patients suffering from arteriosclerosis.

Egg Yolk


Used in plenty of fast foods-pizzas, burgers, pastas and as dips, cheese is a guilty pleasure among many of high blood cholesterol patients and those attempting to lose weight.

Rich in saturated fat, processed cheese can be substituted by mozzarella cheese made from partly skimmed milk as a healthier option.


Processed meat

 Steaks and meats that are processed or deep fried before being served at your plate are a strict no-no. Wiser, healthier options would be turkey or chicken meats that are low in fats and tasty too.

Processed meat

Organ meats

Liver, brain and other organ meats are rich in fatty acids and should be strictly avoided for those having high blood cholesterol.

Though they are rich in vitamins and minerals, they can have serious effects on your health and affect your waistline too.

Organ meats


Another cholesterol rich dairy product, 1 tablespoon of cream can hold an average of 15-20 milligrams of cholesterol. You can opt for low fat cream.

Milk Cream


Another controversial food just like egg yolks, shrimps are preferred for their low fat content.

However, the cholesterol levels are high in shrimp and should be avoided by hypercholesterolemic patients.


Salad dressing

Cheese based salads dressings, the thousand island types and also mayonnaise are rich in cholesterol and other fatty acids that you should keep away from. Consume in minimum amounts if you can’t stop the craving.

Raw Salad

Fast foods

All those roadside and joint foods you love are deep fried, processed and contain enormous levels of fats and sodium. Living on these foods is bound to pose problems for your health. Choose healthier options like pizzas that have more veggies than cheese, a tomato based pasta and portion sized meals.

Fatty and Greasy Food


Also known as fish roe, this one is pretty expensive and can induce expenses on your health too. If you have high blood cholesterol that is.


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